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  1. That sailing cat sure does get around! Really great to see something like that done in EIAS...Great job!
  2. maybe Zbrush starts at frame 1 instead of frame zero like EIAS? or it could be a frame rate issue if they look at frames as a percentage of a second instead of frames per second.
  3. Well, my apologies and thanks to all involved... :)
  4. It actually only imports MDD. Unless you found a hidden button somewhere
  5. have you tried rendering it with less cameras?
  6. I agree...that would be very useful...
  7. great animation...the look on his face at the end is how I look in the morning...
  8. another way is to command-option click(on a mac) on the top-most object in the hierarchy's check box in the project window and then it and it's children will turn off...if you control-option click it will turn off everything below the object you clicked on, regardless of parent child relationships... or those commands may be vice-versa...
  9. Hi everyone...maybe you can make a tutorial of what to check when you get the sizzling lines...I would enjoy seeing it... :-) Nice render by the way...
  10. this sounds like it could be a benefit to future EIAS versions...
  11. Stay safe! I've been in a 4.4 magnitude, can't imagine what you must be going through...
  12. Looks good, I shoot a lot of labs, I can almost hear the Mass Spec's humming away...if you are looking for reference images of objects, but don't know what they are called, go to thermo fisher's website and go through the catalog.
  13. Interesting, for large projects, I would reduce the number of slaves to no more than 7 or 8. (Leaving at least one core for Renderama). I Also have no more than two slaves per harddrive, to reduce the read/write bottleneck. I'm amazed that it ran at all with 12 slaves. :)
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