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  1. Hi Tomas, I am glad to hear that. I understand software developers are always trying to maximize the potential to their product with the new hardware, but it takes time and you want to make sure it all works well, on all platforms. I firmly believe the MacPro is the way of the future, scalable and upgradable. We have to be patient. I haven't had the chance to test C4D on the new MacPro since my version R13 doesn't run on Yosemite. EI made no fuss about it, again, great software. Keep up the good work ! Christian
  2. I just bought a MacPro ( 6 core, 3.5GHz, Intel Xeon E5 with 32GB of ram ) and am in the process of testing it to see how much better it can be ( should be ). This has been a torture of a process since you can get a loaded iMac 5K with a quad i7 for less money, and according to a lot of reviews, it performs better than the MacPro. Now, I know we are not comparing apples and apples (no pun intended). I like to skip one or two generations, opting to buy the best I can when I do purchase and make it last as long as possible. The MacPro is a workstation, build for the future; I am getting to the po
  3. Is there a way to export sequentially numbered geometry from EI? I did this in Blender for a fluid simulation , converted the resulting geometry with "Obj2Fact" and was successful at reading the sequence back in EI, thanks to Tomas. I want to export the geometry generated by the flag Plugin and hope to have the UV information saved with it. This way I can populate an animation with many flags by offsetting them in time and changing texture maps. It would be quick and easy on the processors. I know I can do the flag in some other application and bring it in, but I like the look I am get
  4. I finally got my new macbook pro, great slick computer. I was doing some work on a script I started on a different computer (and OS) which involved SIMCLOTH and I ran into a problem. I was not allowed to flush the simulation in order to make adjustments and start a new one, in the end I went back to my old machine and got it done. Is there a known issue with Mavericks regarding a old plugin like Simcloth? or maybe a workaround. : ) Thanks, Christian
  5. Zut de Zut !!! I just read a posting to the same issue in the general section, got my answer, sorry. Christian
  6. Hi, I just ordered a new MacBookPro with lots of fast Ram, new CPU and SSD storage. I am quite looking forward to improving my pipeline with this acquisition. Then, I realize it will be running Maverick... Hummm, I usually wait before migrating to a new OS, I have seen the Lion patch topic a few times on this forum. What are the plans for Maverick? I would love to get decent rendering speed away from our render farm. Even if Camera is fast, it's not always enough. Christian
  7. Sorry, I have been too busy to get back to this post. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately, I am on Mac and although, these plug-ins work on still frames, they crash the system when running an animation. I have the same problem using some noise shader (can't remember which one). It seems to be a memory management problem, as if a buffer or cache is getting overloaded and it does not get flushed, not sure. I tried on v8, v9 and even the new v9.1, no luck. In any case, when something is not working you go for a plan B. I was trying to re-create an X-ray or electronic microscope look (which
  8. This set of shaders was great to use. I am planing on using "aSem" on a project and I am running into an old problem I could not fix in the past. The shader works well in v8 and v9, but it will nor render a full animation, always crash around or on frame 60. I tried running on a single processor and through Renderama, I tried numbered frames or .img file and always get the same crash. The weird thing is that it seems that camera 8 is pointing at my v9 folder. I don't know why, or if it maybe an issue. I know I had the same problem rendering sequences before v9, so that should not be the proble
  9. Hi Tom, It still is a problem getting notifications from the forums we want to follow. Unless I am missing something when I request notifications. Christian
  10. Hi Diego, I can't get the splines to be recognized as a single object, Can't merge them in Illustrator, tried modelling in Silo. Swage won't read the geometry, it seems to want a motion path converted with "path to line". I have wasted too much time on this and will used smoke and mirrors. I will probably animate single spline extrusions with swage and have other "Y" shape arms in the same environment but not animated. Combining both "single" and "Y shaped splines" with a bit of distortion will give the illusion they are all animating. Another issue with swage is the fact that it will
  11. Anybody knows if there is an issue with SWAGE. I am using v1.3 and can't get the built-in-profile to work, wether I use EI8 or 9. The option is always greyed-out. I know I had it working on another project some time ago, but can't remember what version I was using. Christian
  12. My first option doing it with EI was to test "SWAGE". I used it before to animate extrusions and it works well. The challenge is to connect the splines to the core object (sphere or blob) and make sure no seam are visible. I have yet to test it with a spline branching out (Y shape), for that, I would have to build it in a modeller and import it. Not sure if Swage will accept that geometry. I have done the the .obj sequence method for some other project and it worked well, I may check the C4D route. Another option is to build a full neuron with arms (tentacles, etc..) and modify it main
  13. I have to animate neurones shrinking and dying (Alzheimers). The problem here is the branching structure. It's like growing a tree in reverse, although, no leaves. I have animated a simple plant growing with Vue d'Esprit before, I would have to figure out a way to export numbered geometry or the animation data, not quite sure. EI being my natural go-to tool for 3D, I am wondering if there is a way to do this with animator, or a combination of tools. I have C4d, Maya, Blender, Vue, Onyx Broadleaf and a few more. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks, Christian
  14. Hi Brian, I can see both links no problem, on my macbookpro. Thanks for the sample animation, this is what I was trying to do. I modified the design and made it work, you know when you are in a pinch... I know I will need that tool eventually. I keep EI8 around for some plug-ins that are not working with 9 yet. Thanks for your help! Christian
  15. It's not a matter of having an object (stadium) on or off. I have to be able to slice it with a vertical plane, so the front is not visible to the camera. I have seen the Perspective Clip option but it didn't seem to do much. I will have to see if I can find more info on it. I'll check the Tailor tool plug-in, I have looked at it before and it may be a solution. Thank you all for your suggestions. Christian
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