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  1. Started a project -- and I'm using GI and one area light with a dome for illumination. Doing test renders and the glass (blue rectangle) has that strange pattern in it. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I use SharkFX v7 for solids modeling. Excellent export. It's cheaper version ViaCAD Pro does a good job, but with fewer high-end features. Demos are available. Of course there is FormZ -- I use that on occasion as well. Export is a little tricky to get right. Demo available as well.
  3. Thanks! Downloading the PDF, I'll post some work-in-progress if/when I'm successful.
  4. Have a client that has a device that is chain driven -- since this aspect of the device is a key feature, I don't think I'll be able to fake animating the chain and cogwheels. Been a while since I had to tackle something like this so I'm looking for tips on how to best approach. Physics? Deformers? Plugins? I'm running v9 and have many NL plugins, which hopefully with work with 9. Image of one of the gizmos is attached. Thanks! Joe
  5. Thanks Tomas, I figured I had something set incorrectly. In my quest to get a decent looking glass textured and lighted, I must have selected options without knowing the ramifications. I need to brush up on EI lighting.
  6. Thanks Tomas, files on the way! Yes, 9.1.
  7. http://tangent3dstudio.com/test/ Have a glass object with a metal probe inserted into the orange liquid -- the probe, is a preset material the glass is my recipe. Running a test movie -- I see the probe strobing and I also noticed that the metal portion above the glass is blown out, while the probe inside the glass seems to stay the same no matter how I adjust it's brightness. It's been a while since I've used EI, so most likely I've forgotten something simple. Thanks! Joe
  8. I have rendered out very large files by using Render to Frame Strips. I believe that someone mentioned that is how to work around memory limitations. So, when is 9 coming out? :)
  9. Thanks everyone! Looks like we've found someone!
  10. We have a rush animation project that needs to be delivered on January 27. Due to the new schedule and current workload, I'm going to need some help on this! There are 3 animations, each about 20 seconds in length. The effect the client is looking for is similar to the Lowe's commercial where the product starts with a complete assembly and then animates into an exploded view. But in reverse -- start with an exploded view -- finish with the assembled view. The models have been imported from SW to SAT to Shark FX and then to FAC -- these are the test renders of the model. http://www.
  11. Very nice! I also would like to see caustics on the next version! Joe
  12. I tried the Reflectivity map as a mask on a simple shape and it works as expected.
  13. I trying to use a black and white texture map as a mask for reflections, but it seems like no matter what I do, the map shows up as a texture, its not masking out the reflections. The reflection should show through where the texture is white and hidden where the texture is black, correct?
  14. I experienced the same error with the following setup. High poly scene -5 million. Add area lights - enable GI. Start snap shot render -- since it will take too long to render -- Cancel render. Change lights to other than Area Lights -- have GI enable -- you get the error. Turn off GI, the error goes away. Convert the lights back to area lights, error goes away but takes a very long time for a render. Does this make sense?
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