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  1. I have Mac Pro Tower 5,1 running Sierra - on occasion when rendering certain projects Camera will crash and I get "Camera 64 is crashed" I can set it to 32 bit and it usually works but will run out of memory. I also have Mac Mini that I use in Renderama that is always set to 64 bit - it never crashes even when rendering the same projects. I can send a job to renderama and my Mac Pro Camera will crash rendering a specific strip of a large still and the Mac Mini will pick up that same strip and render it without issue. so, I don't think it is anything to do with the file. any ideas on how t
  2. do you know if TailorTool will work? brian
  3. can you make any comment on whether existing plug-ins will work in the new version?
  4. great to hear! - I would vote for built-in versions of Placer Deposit, Dante, Contortionist, Mrs. Bebel - just to start. I am also sure you are coming up with super cool new tools as well. thanks, brian
  5. wondering if 64 bit Animator will be significantly different if the plug-ins are still 32-bit. the only time I run into memory limits is when using plug-ins. thanks, brian
  6. I think it is dynamic IP but it's always the same IP number. - is it possible that it could be something with the PCI - flash drive? it's new and I've never had this issue before. also, that slave is on the same drive as EIAS and Master Renderama. - have had any issues with that? bw
  7. I have Renderama slave that consistently errors when starting a job. total of 5 slaves 2 on other computers and 3 on my main system (all mac os). The 3 on the main system are on different drives: boot drive (PCI flash), internal SATA RAID, external SATA RAID the Camera Slave on boot drive works but nearly every time I start a job, it will get it's first frame then immediately error "Master / slave communication error" it will finish the frame, I quit the Camera and the Slave, restart slave turn it on in Renderama it then works without issue for the rest of the job. anyone see this?
  8. I always try Chisel when I have a need and anything beyond the very basic models it seems to crash - not sure if it's just my system (lousy video card) or not...
  9. When using reflections on a surface I often use a mix of ray traced and Global map, where the global map reflection is used where there is no RT reflection - usually works great. But, when using RT Blur Control I get soft RT reflections but the Global reflection are not consistently softened. Would be nice to have the RT Blur Control setting effect all the reflections of a surface - I can blur the Global map reflection, but that blurs the reflection of all the objects that use the Global map. brian
  10. Any word on getting Tailor Tool updated to work in EAIS 9? thanks, brian
  11. I'm on a mac also, but... what kind of error are you getting? - does it create the Placer Deposit object then error when generating the instances? starting in EIAS 9 (and 9.1) always use the Instance Mode Type 2, Type 1 will error every time. Other then that it seems to work ok - it will generate huge models but if you push it too far it will crash EI. how many polys would the created model be (if it worked)? brian
  12. Is anyone using Yosemite yet? any issues with EAIS? brian
  13. Tomas - any info on how EI works with the dual graphics in the nMP - does it use all the memory from both cards or just one? Do you have any rendering specs compared to 12 core mac pro tower? or other mac pro? also, when you say "but the next upgrade will love these machines even more" is there something unique to the nMP over a 2012 MP Tower with upgraded CPU's and graphics card? thanks, brian
  14. not sure if you have it - but it seems to work with Mrs Bebel - I exported a simcloth model (with UVs) as a fact - then linked to Mrs Bebel and had it only build the Top surface (no bevel or bottom) and set it the UVs to copy source. You can also link the active simcloth group to the Mrs Bebel group to offset the surface and not have to export or import anything. the extrude amplitude would be the distance of the offset. brian
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