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  1. Hi Tomas Hope to see 10 soon and maybe Apple can give us a updated Mac Pro that dumps intel for amd should be able to have more power for less money. I ve been wanting and. Waiting for a real boost in rendering performance to get back into 3D . Looks like we're finally going to get that pretty soon. Well good luck getting things done . Apple really has throw one change after another at developers. A lot of determination being displayed by you guys. Really want to get back to 3D Mark
  2. Hi Tom it's good to hear the next update is coming soon. Hey it's gotten really dead on the forum again . I will have to start posting more and encourage others to post more. I'm building my new music system but it's almost done and then I will get working on 3D again . You must have been a little disappointed when not that many comments were made about your great music video. Any way I check every day on the forum , and still have lots of interest in EIAS and its future. Mark
  3. Hi Tom . I saw a guy at sweetwater sound demonstrate an app called idisplay that over Bluetooth or wifi allows your iPad to be a second monitor for your computer and he was able to mirror or do extended desktop and drag Windows on to iPad and then use touch to move the controls. Seems real cool any one tried it with eias. Thanks Mark btw happy holidays everyone
  4. Hi tom Really good pretty fluid dance moves . Congratulations to whole team great work. mark
  5. Hi tom I got interested in the subject so went and watched all the metal related videos from last years and this years developers conference , and see what you mean, about it needing some time to develop. Learned a lot. mark
  6. Hi I think the part about meeting people in the field is always good advice.I Don't know one person who's interested in 3d .I try to tell friends about some new feature in some software that's great from my point of view , and their reaction is I don't care about that stuff and don't want hear nothing about. Yeah I spend my time on boring things no one cares about. And that's why I'm in the forums . I think others have brought up how there use to be local user groups when computers first came out which I don't think are around that much anymore. Wouldn't it be great to have a local eias u
  7. Hi great article , I wish there was more time in a day , because it would be great to learn to code . Mark
  8. Hi guys Apple announced that the new version of Mac OS will allow developers to use metal their better optimized way to address the graphics hardware directly rather then using open gl . . I wondered if the next upgrade will use metal? Mark
  9. Hi Diego so basically when you say you reorganize the uv map , your making a new uv map in c4d right? . Does that mean every time you use a new character you need to go into Photoshop and do alignment of texture to your new uv map? I just made post on daz that this needs to be solved. Mark
  10. Hi new thought about this say you take the uv map that was exported from texture atlas but doesn't work right , but has right name to link to model file . Take that into photoshop then take all the individual files you would get if you just export the normal obj way where you get a bunch of uv maps for each part, if you import all those uv maps to layers and then delete original layer merge down and save . Would that map work? Just something I might try later. Mark
  11. Hi Diego thanks for confirmation on material issue . The problem with the seams what creates it is the uv map not sized correctly? Because at the time I was checking into this , on the daz forum people were having the same problem saving the model and Bringing back into daz and they'd have seams, and at that time I did not see anybody answering how to fix it. If you save a new edited uv map with the model won't all textures then line up correctly with no need to go into photoshop . So if you have each of the models you just need to make one new edited uv map for each model (Victoria Michel e
  12. Hi Diego thanks for showing more interest . About 2 years ago maybe longer . I did lots of testing and found I could get the models and animations in but had the same problem with the seems that your showing , and even though daz has a utility for making a new uv map for export I could never figure out how to use it and not get the seems. I still got seems after using it . The other problem I had was the model you end up with has same material on whole mesh which is not how daz and poser work you can have different materials on same mesh correct.? If you confirm this is correct then the
  13. Hi Diego really great animation was it done in C4D or in poser? Best thing I've seen in awhile. Hope a simple work flow between daz or poser with all animation model textures and lip sync being correct could be firmly established . Thanks for posting this it's encouraging to see progress being made. Mark
  14. HI I have these the tutorials and the plugins they were all great and it would be great to see them back for others to get . Thanks Brian Mark
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