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  1. Thanks Tomas, I made all three apps 'Admin' but Animator still asks for the code and then quits every time. Renderrama and Camera open okay though.
  2. We can't install on the new Mac OS so we are trying to install on Win 10 with bootcamp. I downloaded the win version of 9.1, the 4 drivers and the drivers for the dongle but when I open EIAS and put in the unlock code it just quits. Not sure what step I could have missed. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Tomas. Looking forward to the update.
  4. All the new machines that I have purchased come with Catalina (10.12) and won't run EIAS. Guess I will have to keep an older machine to run it. What is the latest MacOS that EI still works on without issues? I need to render some older projects but I am stuck. Thanks. -Derryl
  5. thingmaker


    I am not able to get this link to work. Is there another location for SimCloth? Thanks. Edit: Never mind. It was a browser caching issue.
  6. Thanks Steve. That actually worked out pretty good.
  7. Tom, yes that is correct. Here is an example:
  8. Is there a way to have the perspective camera render animation in Orthographic view? An issue I run into is that I will have models that are exactly the same from say the front view but when when rendered in the Camera's perspective view you can see the differences between the two. If I render from Front view the result is fine. But I don't see a way to animate from Front, Side or Top. I can do one frame at a time but that is tedious. Thanks. -Derryl
  9. I figured it out. It must be in Keyframe view. Then it keeps the selected state until the state changes again.
  10. I have many objects that need to turn off and on throughout the animation. If look at the object in Frame view in the Project window I see the Visibility state of Off or On but I can only change one at a time even if I select many columns. Is there a way to change many frames at one time? Thanks. -Derryl
  11. Obrigado Tomas! I don't want to interrupt your work on EIAS X.. :)
  12. Anyone have a recipe for a beer foam type of material? Not quite getting it right. Using the fractal foam now but the rounded bubbles are the issue. It would be great if there was some type of depository for materials here. I know there has been talk of it but I don't think that it is going to happen. Wouldn't mind donating some space and a small site for this if enough are interested.
  13. Thanks Alonzo, just to clarify, when you say the Link Window I assume you mean the Joint Editor, correct? And Link Alignment Position? Wow, ok I just tried it and it works. Oddly 'Link Alignment Position' is usually already on Middle, but if you click on it again, it re-centers the centroid. How the hell did you figure that out? Note: This changes the Position and Parental Offset numbers into something that I am not sure is usable but it definitely solves the problem at hand!, Thanks! -Derryl
  14. Yep, that works. Thanks. And it seems to restore the scale as well. The only drawback that I can see to doing it this way is that you never really know what random place an object will go to in the project window list when you un-parent it...
  15. Thomo, if you are on a Mac you may want to look at Default Folder. It keeps track of 'recents' and you can have sets of favorites which comes in handy as we sometimes work in different sets of programs. Probably the most time-saving app on my Mac.
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