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  1. typical framing is 2x4 nominal (1.5" x 3.5" actual) wood studs. Plus sheetrock @ 1/2" inside and sheathing plus any shearwall outside (1/2" to 1.5" total). In colder climates it might be 2x6 for better insulation, or it might have rigid insulation over the framing (typically 1 or 2"). Assuming a vinyl window frame you can safely assume the glazing would be at least 2" inside of the outer face of the wall exterior finish. Your rendering shows a window trim piece. That typically might be constructed from 3/4" cement board or 1.5" lumber. That trim piece is obviously beyond the finished surface of the exterior wall. hope that helps.
  2. architecturally, the only things I see that might need attention are the stair railing and some missing flashings. You need a sloping hand rail either inside the squared off railing, or the top rail of the two protruding rails would need to have a sloped top. The entry roof to the horizontal boarding would require a stepped metal flashing. So in reality you'd see a gap between the course of roofing and the horizontal siding. Also, there should be a 2" gap between the siding and the hard surface paving and a 6" gap between the siding and the soft surfaces. But these are real nit-picks. Last item I'm seeing is the glazing. The windows appear a little too flush with the exterior of the home. In reality I think the glazing might need to be set in about 2". The reality of the construction is the horizontal siding is a veneer over the framing. The glazing would set back in behind the face of the framing and the lap siding would protrude at least 1/2" beyond the framing. Same with the garage doors. For what it's worth the I find the ArchiCAD libraries to be semi-American. They still seem to have a lot of Euro influence to them. Neil McCann's Real Windows/Doors and Cabinets used to be really good. I'm not sure if he's still developing them? I know you said you build the model from a set of plans. The plans appear to be venacular to mid-western style of home. The mass of the second floor supported on 4 posts might be problematic structurally in earthquake regions. I am an architect and have been designing and involved with residential construction in the west and southwestern US for 30+ years. So hopefully this will give you the feed back you were looking for. Sorry I didn't understand your original post.
  3. Michael, It's a great start. You may want to add some foreground shadows to the paving area to soften that up. Also, the roof might look better with a little more bump/texture to it. But all in all a great render for 6--7 hours work! Bob
  4. to add to this... if the FZ (or AutoCAD or any other Arch/Engineering) model is in world space EI will introduce errors. The source model needs to be offset so the center of the 'Granger' world is somewhere near 0,0,0.
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