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  1. rvlna

    Renderama won't start....

    Hello Tomas, After I clicked on your "profile / send message" I couldn't send a private message : Tomas Egger cannot receive messages. ... I'm probably doing the wrong thing ?
  2. Hi ! Last time I used Renderama this year it worked fine. I use mostly 27" iMac (all updates forbidden - so no updating since last time) with OSX from 10.11 to 10.14 Now it won't start on 3 Macs out of 5... It bounces in the dock and then ... nothing (no window, no app launched) The only thing I've done since is installing Archicad 22 on this 3 Macs. On the 2 other Macs Renderama tells me : "file not found" when starting to download file to render - but they haven't got Archicad 22 installed... The master is an old MacPro2012-2013 running OSX 10.10 Any Idea ? ... I guess it's time for EIAS v10 update (getting long !)
  3. rvlna

    Modelling software

    You should try Archicad... works well for architectural work ! You can have a look a WWW.LNAMEL.COM to see our work - all models from archicad (with homemade parametric objects) + some extra made with sketchup (grass is made with fur tool and added separately in EIAS). All rendering is EIAS. Even the older one starting in 1998...
  4. We've just started to put online our new web/blog website. We are an architecture office in France, and been using EIAS since v2.7 ... always doing our own renderings (since we started to do rendering for the other architects when w graduated) You can have a look, there's many renderings alongside with photos of our projects (it's in french ....) - it's in chronologic order ... so renderings are made with corresponding EIAS release... LNAMEL Best regards !
  5. rvlna

    Render times for HD

    If you have multicore mac, use renderama to use 2 or more processors ... 2Gb Ram per processor is fine, so if you have 6Gb, use 3 processors ... etc... (But don't use renderama with clows and depth of field layer shader)
  6. rvlna

    Photons again

    The stripped lines in the ceiling in the second image seems to come from glow using stripped rendering (using renderama ...) Rvlna
  7. rvlna

    Shadow Dropoff

    yes ... no difference at all. I'm using quadratic dropoff as well ... may be it works without dropoff ? Need more try
  8. rvlna

    Shadow Dropoff

    First time i'm using it : The "enable" + distance shadow dropoff (raytrace shadow - Radial light) doesn't seems to fade the shadows in the distance ... Maybe i'm wrong and the purpose of this option is different ? Animator Manual is not clear enough on that subject... Thanks for a little help. Rv
  9. Thanks to you both, Hervé
  10. ... And I need to have a set for the 2 objects/group in case of background objects ... Thank you very much ! ... anyway I'm wondering what the "world coordinate" tick means in the texture window ?
  11. I want to have one texture (only one) - projected onto 2 different groups/objects. I need the texture to be set from the same X,Y,Z world coordinates. You can see on the picture an example : I have a circle texture projected on 2 different groups/objects (spherical texturing) from the same point. If you were at the center, you will see a perfect circle - kind of VARINI effect (for those who don't know him he's a swiss artist ... just google him). When I try to do it using EIAS - even with the "world coordinate" tick on - when I Copy / Paste the texture from one group to another - it seems as if the texture was moved according to the size of the object ? Am I doing something wrong ? This should be possible ?
  12. rvlna

    ElectricImage "freezes"

    It happened with many projects. I'm using OSX 10.5.8 .... Maybe it's time to go for 10.6 ! Thanks
  13. rvlna

    ElectricImage "freezes"

    It happens sometimes : while i'm setting the project I get the rainbow wheel turning - everything is freezed - I can't get to the Finder or any other apps. The mouse changes whenever i move on the project window (rainbow wheel) , the dock (arrow) or the finder (hand with finger) ... Only one solution : restart. Maybe it depends if I start renderama before lauching EIAS ? As it didn't happened before, I reinstalled MacosX 10.5 last week (from scratch) - it still happens. Should i go for 10.6 ? Any idea ?
  14. rvlna

    What Modeler Do You Use?

    Archicad - I also use GDL programming. + Sketchup : to clean up model made in Archicad ... or to start from scratch I tried Bonzai3D, seems promising - but too buggy at the moment. Guess what, I'm an architect...
  15. 1 - when collecting project files - update all links within the project file with the created folders ... 2 - sketchup importer ? (using 3ds file format is boring.... you are bound to import material / layers separately...) 3 - DOF layer shader compatible with sliced still rendering using renderama 4 - Blurred transparency (at least using a Layer shader ?) 5 - Does GI Sky illumination can be approximated in the EI camera window ? (at least like if there was a dome light ... so you don't have to put a light when there's none) 6- would be nice to have the model seen in the world reflexion map window (so you can see how to put the map) Did you notice : when using same sky as Roto background + Reflexion map they have to be 180° turned ! 7-better material preview in the material window : show texture + choice of cube/ball, etc with size parameters (can't we have something better than this old fashioned ball in front of a checker board ????) 8 - I never understood why the image texture map size (texture window) is REAL SIZE / SIZE of MAP in PIXELS while the shader map size works differently : could it be just the real size of the model ?