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  1. Most likely yes, but you'll probably have to run Mac OS Server. Mac OS (standard) does not install into a virtual machine as far as I know. I have successfully run Mac OS (an older version) in parallels before, but as I said, it had to be the Server Version. Hope this helps!
  2. Can you bring those obj's into another app and see if they are showing up in there? If so, then it is something between EI and the OBJ files. But, see if Silo is exporting the UV's in their OBJ export. I bring OBJ's from everywhere into EI and it works PERFECTLY! Now, there is a weird bug that I should mention.... If you have an object (from any format) and it has UV on it.....If you delete the object from your scene and then hit undo (to get the object back), 50% of the time, the UV's disappear and you have to re-import the object.
  3. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on here, but I upgraded my Mac Pro (2009) to a GTX 680 about 6 months ago. It's great in all my apps and it's absolutely astounding with 'phong' shading in EI!! But any other draw mode other than phong or point cloud is unbearable....... Let's just say, In wireframe mode or outline mode, once I have over a million ploys or more the redraw is like I'm on an old Power Mac. It's literally unbearable!! I happen to know it's not EI's problem, because I've used EI on some of my other machines and wireframe is amazingly fast. It's just with this
  4. Thanks, it worked perfectly. Thanks so much!!
  5. I've never used an MDD animation till now. Works great! But when I send the job to renderama for all the macs to render, they can't find the MDD info. I then put both the MDD file in the sockets adn the OBJ folder on the desktop but Renderama still won't render the files. How do I make this work? Thanks -Brian
  6. It seems that collecting files is more of a backup procedure rather than folders (Models, Textures, etc.) to be utilized by the project, unless of course you take that project and its collected folders/files, copy it, and use it on a different distinct computer. How do I break the Texture path and redirect it to a different folder? It seems that using the Search paths in Preferences does not seem to accomplish this. Here is the scenario: Save a project. Do a Collect Files operation from the File menu. Close the project. Realize that the project is now saved twice - the first save
  7. Oops sorry. Thanks thought!
  8. Was wondering if EI 9.1 works with the latest OS from Apple 10.9 Mavericks? Has anyone tried it? Thanks! -Brian
  9. Bernd, That's really good to know. Thanks!
  10. Steven, Yeah, the "Uber" thing was pretty popular there for a while ha.
  11. I will certainly let you know if it happens again. I've imported over 20 or 30 other FBX models since and it still hasn't duplicated my world.
  12. Did you make the main shape with Uber Nurbs and then start cutting and adding to that?
  13. Wow! Ray Dream.... haha Ray Dream Designer 2 was my first 3D package. Good Times............ Anyway, Good to hear the export for your igs file was clean. Steven, What kind of models do you need Modeler for? Just for Uber Nurbs? I think there's a plug-in now called t-splines for Rhino that is FULL sub-d modeling. But maybe it's not as good. I haven't tried it yet. Bernd, When I tried Form•Z last time, the problem I was having was "tearing" between the Blends and Surfaces (where ever I used a fillet). The Polys weren't matching up, giving me slices between surfaces. Was there
  14. It's a relief to know that it won't cause problems. Next time (if there is a next time), I just won't worry about it. Thanks.
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