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  1. If you are rendering animations Rama uses all active slaves. For stills it uses the number of slaves which you have specified as 'Frame Strip Total', so for each Strip one slaves is used (if you have enough slaves :-)) Hope that helps. Michael
  2. the same here too. But the third or fourth time I tried downloading it worked. Michael
  3. Surprise Surprise :) Fantastic news the new site. Great work. Congratulations! Macht so weiter! Michael
  4. Hey Michael, really cool renderings with a perfect level of detail and lighting. Excellent! Michael
  5. Hei Tom, The SetUp. To find the right settings for the Smokers size and scaling is always very difficult for me. But it gives me the effect that I wanted. I'm sure that the Fog and Smoker settings could be improved, but I have no time yet for further tests. Michael
  6. Hi Tom, Everybody, working with Smokers is really timeconsuming, but the result is quite nice. Here the Fog Version: Settings: Michael
  7. Hi Mark, rendertime here is 30 min with 2 cameras (imac 2,6). But i didn't optimize the project for faster rendertime. My settings are: GI Primary rays: 400 GI sampling: 4*4 Area Light primary rays: 300 Area Light secondary rays: 150 AA: 8*8 Sampling 2*2 I' m sure that there are a few values that could be chenged for faster rendering with the same qualitiy. ... not valid photonmap ... I don't know if within a collected project the photonmap path is updated. If not, you would have to do this manually. Michael
  8. Hi Tom, smoke is a good idea. I will try it. The light projection seems not to work well. I tried an old sample project from the EIAS website (Projector Light) and this project also didn't work properly here with EIAS 8 on a iMac OSX 10.6.2. Maybe user error! I don't know. Anyway. Lets try some smoke. Michael
  9. Tom, thank you! What I have done is: 1. Duplicated the Sun Spot Light (to get a independent Glow/Fog light), with enable highlight/illumination unchecked and inner cone angle set to 0 Generate photon map unchecked 2. Glow version: 3. Fog version: I wanted to get more detailed rays, but without luck. Perhaps this could be achieved vie the light projection tab? I will try this. Michael
  10. I played around a little bit to get some light rays, and now I understand the difference between glow and fog effects. This is with glow and rays enabled: And here with fog and rays enabled: BTW: This is a nice scene for finding out some more lighting secrets of EIAS :)
  11. Hi Bert, to change a setting like a checkbox for many groups you have to select these groups, check or uncheck the desired box and then right click on the box and choose 'selected objects' from the popup menu. This also works for popups e.g. motion blur in the group info Michael
  12. FelixCat you are welcome, and you are right the glass is 100 % transparent (with Fresnel Term on). I should try it with less transparency (like in real world). I' m wondering why the backside foot of the table disappears within the glass. Maybe this has something to do with the Fresnel term or too much reflections? I had no time yet to check this, but I will do it soon. There is also a smoothing problem in the scene. The wooden parts in the walls and the small cubes are too much rounded. Switching off 'Smoothing across faces' in the group info window solves this. I tested it with the
  13. Hi, many thanks for your kind words. The prj is here: http://architekten.werkhaus-nuernberg.de/EIAS/tut_jap.zip and this is a view like the tutorial pic: (Maybe a little bit too dark.) There are happening funny things with the table feet. Maybe to much reflection on the table? Or a wrong refraction index? Or is it like in real world? :huh: Michael
  14. Hi Bert, Tom, Everybody, thanks for the links of this nice scene. I tried the obj file and it worked. Direct import into EIAS. And here is my EIAS 8 version: I used one sunlight (spot with softshadows, without photons) and one area light with photon map. If someone is interested in, I could upload the EIAS prj file. Unfortunatly all group names are in german, but it is already a little bit organized :) Michael
  15. Ian, many thanks. Phungus, thanks for the project. It is a really nice piece of ocean. I tried copying it with Runwave Deforms but without great success. I didn't get those nice waves. Michael
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