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  1. Hi Tomas, Yes, I'm doing OK and hoping I'll be in a position to use EIAS again some day. I'm just lurking for now. :)
  2. Hey Tomas, I noticed this over at Apple after the new Mac Pro announcement, and I'm wondering if you guys have a similar reaction (ie: planning to support Metal at some point, with OpenGL and such eventually going away). https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/06/pro-app-developers-react-to-the-new-mac-pro-and-pro-display-xdr/
  3. I was initially opposed to subscription software, but I think people aren't so opposed to it anymore. But, it is nice to have options. So long as the subscription isn't priced way more (and the only option), as long as development continues, I'm happy. (ie: some products went subscription, but cost far more and didn't seem to speed up updates.... while for others, the end-price is similar and developers speak of better cashflow, etc.) The nice thing about it being an option, is that a person who does 3D all day long is in quite a different place than someone who does a project now and then. The daily person would buy it outright or pay the subscription as it is easily worth it. But, the person doing an occasional project does better paying for a month here or there... but might not buy at all if the price for the whole thing is too high. It also lowers the entry level, as you don't have to buy one huge purchase to get started. re: dongle - I don't really like them. I lost mine, for example, in a move. :( Now I have to factor that, too, into an update/repurchase. We'd also probably end up with a USB-A device that needs to hang off an adapter, which is kind of a pain for laptops, etc. Some kind of floating license would be great (ie: software can be installed on any number of machine, but the license only enables x number of them to be used... so long as it has the capability to work off-line for some reasonable time-frame so an internet outage doesn't keep one from working.
  4. Looks like Apple just took this a step farther... https://developer.apple.com/macos/whats-new/
  5. Merry Christmas! Here's an old one I did back in the mid to late-90s, I think:
  6. Thanks Tomas. If I get to EIAS 9.1, I'll be running on the latest OSX, so no worries there. I'm just glad I have an old machine around that can still run Leopard. -Steve
  7. Hello, I have some questions about getting my older EIAS running, as I want to re-render some of my portfolio items. I have version 6.6.1 (and assume 6.6.2 is an updater or updated version I can download) and an Intel MacBook Pro (from like 2007-ish), and also a newer Mac mini (hopefully getting a new iMac in a few weeks). First, I can't seem to find my dongle. :( I'm going to do one more search, but I think it may be gone. Can I order a replacement for the $50? If so, will it work with 6.6.2 as well as 9.1 if I upgrade? Second, what OSX would be the best version to install on the MacBook Pro? I'm assuming there is no good way to make it work on my mini or upcoming iMac (as I can't go old enough with the OS). Is Leopard the latest that will run 6.6.2? Hopefully I can round up some 3D work and justify upgrading to 9.1. Thanks, -Steve
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