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  1. I think the biggest thing your doing is by far the BEST for EI. Rebuilding the CORE APP. Im not a programmer, but have dealt with enough of them to have a good Idea why EI started to show its age.... Making EI's "Core" capabilities solid, modern and fast is simply "to ME" undeniably the smartest approach... its part of the reason I am far more patient this time around... all I know is that doing this is a HUGE amount of work... but worth it. I want to know tiny little hints etc like the rest of us.... but I'm convinced Tomas would do that if it aligned with their goals.
  2. I think it would be very helpful... one thing to consider is the 'unknown'. I am going to dream and spell out a semi plausible near term future for EI. Just 'guessing' here.... Lets say EI V10 truly is the major overhaul and 'revamping' of the app that Tomas has alluded too on a few posts related to whats coming next. That may very well require different shading systems or any number of 'new' things that may obsolete other things. Its too risky to even hint that that may be the case... so I don't expect EI to leak any info regarding this... but if you think about it. A mas
  3. As usual Tomas delivers the help I needed!!! Thank You and I PROMISE TO BACK UP MY EI stuff better going forward! thank you thank you thank you! Scott
  4. I gave up long ago... I do a TON of brushed metal looks and use photo imagery and bump maps to achieve it..... I'm sure some texture wizards may be able to pull it off.... but to get the looks I want.... its a texture map...
  5. I am posting this for group help... so I can be specific with Tomas as to which Plug Ins and Shaders I need to get replacements for. I was shocked that I did not have a CURRENT backup of my EI folder... and will never let that happen again. My other apps all had cloud and hard drive backups and records. I have records of what I have paid for throughout the years, but what I'm having trouble getting… is this… - of the 3rd party tools I own.... WHICH ONES have made it successfully to version 9.1 (64 bit) and by default, the ones discontinued or obsolete. Like many of you, I spe
  6. I believe his use of M Forge and samples with that had the car paint style layering that just looked so succulent.... :)
  7. an old EI master Paul Sherstiboff was THE master at that type of look... the best shading I've ever seen done in EI.
  8. if you have media encoder... look no more. Its a full fledged compression app. Its what I use... extremely fast, visual, professional. I cant say enough. Frankly a waste of time to use anything else compared too it. - Btw your right... id get somewhat odd results from slightly older versions of AE but I only mentioned it because if you had NO other choices... it can work in a pinch. Media Encoder... by far..... open it... drag your image into it and you will be blown away at the nuance and control you now have over the compression process.
  9. why are you not just using AE's compression... or media encoder?
  10. amazing help from Hal in Maine!!! thank all of you for the fast and accurate advice. SO appreciated!!
  11. EI has been somewhat quiet about this and I'm not sure what to read into that. Depth of field and adjusting focus length, animating the focus area and more is being used a LOT these days... I 'really hope' we finally get a TRUE DOF and not some work around.
  12. UPDATE... wow... thank all of you for being so fast and willing to help... I LOVE all of you guys in the EI community. The modeler at turbosquid was able too convert it into an OBJ and an FBX I have never imported an FBX before... but the OBJ - with an EI friend of mine in England who i was instant chatting with on Facebook converted the OBJ for me and it "looks" successful. Its made of a ton of shapes so I won't know for a while.... I do this so rarely its time consuming to group things properly and the shade them and texture them - but usually I'm so happy just
  13. Thomo... thank you... are you available for me to send what they gave me to you? Would it be a large hassle for you too choose which of the formats they gave me will convert the best into EI? This is the one area in EI that i don't just lack software... I'm not sure what I'm looking for and the proper check boxes etc. They are sending me an OBJ, FBX and the original max file. I have a drop box account and can easily upload it if you could give me an email Thomo ill send you a link to all I have and any help getting this into EI would be so very very appreciated. Let m
  14. a production I'm working on. HERE is the model on their site http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-imac-g3/820248 I can't find another one anywhere on this planet with this 'quality' or id buy it. First off... us loyal EI lovers get tired hearing so called 'experts' that never heard of EI! I sent them a link to the DEMO and they claim it would not install and then gave up for the day on me. Here is the issue. Its in the 3ds Max 2013 FORMAT - they offer conversion services so I recommended .3ds because I've had good success in the past with that format and EI.
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