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  1. Color and displacement maps of the moon here, if you are not already aware : https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720 Maher
  2. Thanks for this new email. Blair sent me the update for Big Dipper 32 bits, but on the old email, and he didn't answer me on another query because he probably don't check very often his old one. Maher
  3. Ola Tomas, Are you just in charge of providing the 64 bits updates for the Northern Lights plug-ins or can you also sell and personalize for new clients? Maher
  4. maher

    Upgrade request

    Thanks Tomas! Maher
  5. maher

    Upgrade request

    Ola Tomas, I also need to upgrade my NX shaders to 64 bits version. Thanks, Maher
  6. Hello RDM or Tomas, I've just installed High Sierra on my MacBook Pro and I've followed steps 1 to 4 of the above procedure. (I get the «anywhere» in step 3). Still cannot launch Animator. I've tried to reinstall the OSX Universal Dongle Installer but get a failed message. Please help! Maher
  7. maher

    Reduce polygon count

    Rhino 3D (Mac and PC) also have a reduction of polygons tool.
  8. maher

    Computer Lite Glow

    Do you really need that the blinking LEDs illuminate the environment and do you have another main source for the lighting of the scene? There is many solutions possibles for your problem depending of the level of realism you want to achieve. If there is a lot of blinking LEDs, it will be probably simpler to fake the average illumination of the whole set. If there is only a few LEDs on at a time, it will be probably more cost/time effective to get real illumination from those few sources. Maher
  9. maher

    Importing from Silo into EIAS

    I've just downloaded the beta of Silo 2.5 for Mac and the fact import/export seem to work pretty well. However, I idn't try yet to export with textures. Maher
  10. maher

    Feature Roadmap

    Really Tom, the activity on this site is so low, you really need to keep up posted with some "proof of life" so we won't believe that EIAS isn't really dead... Maher
  11. maher

    Replacing an object by another

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. sorry if I didn't acknowledge it before but I was away from my computer for a long time. Maher
  12. How animate/toggle the visibility of an object so it can be replace suddenly in an animation by another completely different? The only way I can do that is to start 2 successives animations by toggling on/off my objects and stitching together the rendering. But there is an Animate Visibility box in the object properties but I can't find a way to automate the appearance/disappearance of an object in the time line... Maher
  13. maher

    AFraktal compatibility?

    Thanks Tomas, you nail it once again. maher
  14. maher

    AFraktal compatibility?

    Is aFraktal incompatible with EIAS 9.0 and 9.1? I can open the shader and play with the settings but camera return to me and an API error. Maher
  15. maher

    Car Paint

    Paul Sherstobitoff web site here : http://illustration-3d.com/3d-product-illustrations/