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  1. It's funny, I must be the last person still using the Universe 6 modeller. Still covers most of what I need.
  2. While we're discussing this, can we get a general update on the status of Northern Lights' plugins? I know Blair mentioned last year that he was going to try to update most of them, is that still happening?
  3. Got a vague question here: I just installed 9.1, am enjoying the improvements, but I can't launch Camera, neither the main Camera or the slave Cameras. When I try to render, network render or even snapshot I get an error that says: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click ok to close the application." Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Haven't launched it yet, just installing it now, but it's great to see that EIAS3D's development continues at a good pace! Thanks Tomas (and team)!
  5. The video tutorials I've watched seem pretty good, but having so many just called 'Easy Basic EI' is a bit vague. An easy first step would be giving the Mark Johnston tutorials more descriptive titles.
  6. I'm also having trouble getting EIZ files into AE CS6. Just won't let me import it - can we get a more detailed breakdown of the import method? I'm a bit confused by the brief description in the manual. Thanks-
  7. This is a very little thing, but I've noticed that when I import an OBJ file (or any other model file), Animator writes a Fact file to the same folder (makes sense). But if I import that original OBJ file from that folder into a new project at some other time, Animator will overwrite that Fact file - if I've changed my import setting this throws off the original project. I know I can export the model or move it to prevent this, but if it just wrote a differently named Fact to that folder that would help (leaving both intact). As I said - a very small issue, but potentially frustrating.
  8. Select 'Generate Shadow Mask' in the Shadow tab of the group window.
  9. I'm no rigging expert, but I think curling a tail like that might be tough for one IK handle, can you make it several bone chains instead of one? Or maybe try the Bezier II deformer instead.
  10. Would be nice to be able to export a motion vector image directly from EIAS though (other than an RPF channel).
  11. Thanks Diego, looks like that's should work for me.
  12. Thanks all. I will definitely post some work at some point. First I gotta get it up to par with the great work that's getting posted by everyone else.
  13. Is there any way to render motion vectors for blurring (I want to use Reelsmart motion blur's vector tool) in AE? I can render an RPF velocity pass, but I can't (as far as I know) extract this in AE. As far as I can tell Reelsmart doesn't recognize the velocity channel in the RPF directly. I'm thinking I need a visual representation of the motion vectors rather than a data channel... Maybe? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks Tomas, Did that and all is well.
  15. Thanks Tomas, I've gotten this far - looks like all the frames are there. Rama immediately gives me an error that says 'Unknown stitching error" when I attempt to stitch it. It's a total of about 9 gb of tga images - is that the problem?
  16. I had a render using 4 slaves on a 12 core windows 7 machine. It was a minute long scene with lots of reflections GI rays etc. so it was a long render. I was rendering to a TGA sequence. I left it going overnight and it seemed to be going well, but this morning I found that windows had done an automatic software update and rebooted in the wee hours of the morning... That crashed rama and the 4 slaves. I reopened rama this morning, and the job is in there but shows 0% complete and only 3 slaves active (I had originally started the job with 3 slaves but added one during the render to speed it
  17. Thanks Tom, I'm looking over that stuff now. yhloon - thanks for the info, that's what I'm trying to output, only all I'm using is the screen of a moving 3D smartphone. I need the UV coords rendered to composite the screen in AE. I tried the Normals Shader through a camera projection map yesterday but couldn't get it to work. Will try again now. Thanks- Doug
  18. Is there a way to render a normals / UV coordinates pass using anything other than the rpf method? When I extract the UV coordinates pass from the rpf in After Effects I am limited to 8 bit color (that's a limitation of AE's 3D channel extractor filter). Ideally I'd like to render a normals or UV coords pass in a format that doesn't need extracting, that I can use in AE in 16 bit or float. I see there's a Normals shader, but can't find any documentation on that or how to use it. Any advice would be appreciated! Doug
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