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  1. Looks very good for me,how many projection cams were used in the hall?I think the textures looks acceptable if u used a single projection hence my question?the ceiling looks great,that was a tile textures along the z axis but the side walls and the floor looks great, congrats camera mapping is one of the best feautures in eias. Batoloco
  2. Hi Avt just duplicate your model one clean and the other with the destruction applied,I think you can bake the destruction animation. Thanks , Batoloco
  3. Hi frank there is a way to avoid using particles on your 3d software,just add a light to any curve and and just animate the light with the path to line in c4d export your animation into Ae . Once there add a solid and the particular plugin and name your light animated emitter You have more control over your particles these way and the overall look. If u want to emit geometry than you need mograph for these, since with mograph each clone has it's own id so I will remain cosistent nber of points ,add a curve add a cloned select any geometry added to the cloner,select object and pit the curv
  4. Well strange cause i i remember Ian mentioned that these is where the speed increase differs from other rendering engines while most of them show a constant redraw, i will like to press TAB for a speed hit ala After Effects. Thanks, Batoloco
  5. Hello Redcode, I use FBX the only problem i have encounter is some shading are a bit different but that has to do with your modeler, sometimes a bit of extrude might help for angular shapes. FBX also keeps the UV intact as Diego said just make sure you create them.:) By the way i didnt know how much have i suffered not having OBJ2FACT, never thought it will be discontinued, just like Power Computing. Batoloco
  6. the problem is the complexity of the object and the speed of the sim. Not practical for these mdd plug in + 3d app w softbodies(blender)
  7. Hi all, Just for the record i usually make a copy of the main animated object for visualization, makes it easier, but if you have several objects it is some how trouble some specially with the Parametric generator. Thanks, Batoloco
  8. Hi Tomas, Which version do you usually use ? since the 64 bit is a hit i the face ;) Batoloco
  9. Hi Richard and Igors, Thanks for trying the problem is not present with Flock This, but i can imagine creating a few flying objects animated via Flock This (which can have MDD attach and emitting particles with Power Particles Pro, this is endless possibilities. More simple trying to get a solid to break into pieces animated via MDD and emitting particles via PPPro. Edgard
  10. Hello folks, A few weeks ago i had ask in this forum if MDD could be linked with Power Particles Pro v2, can anybody confirm these cause i have tried several times crashing on me, so i wonder if i had to do these manually, also when parenting groups to PPPro these is able to recognized each group as a separate but my intention is to link them as a group of objects , any suggestions?thank you. Batoloco
  11. Hello family, I will like to add that the MDD jump gave a lot of value to Animator( no doubt about it) and i applause that. Now we need to be able to handle all these type of mdd data with a few changes and modifications eg. plug ins. I dont doubt that at some point there could exist a 64 bit Camera but i will recommend the possibility of a 64 bit Animator since Camera with its slaves can be powerful enough to handle millions of polys. Is very aggressive to suggest a 64 bit Camera with not even Maya running on 64 bit on the OSX where the plug ins might need a re write as well as all
  12. Hello folks, In the last couple of days i have being trying out the fabulous .MDD add to EIAS. I have found that whenever i link the mdd to PowerParticles Pro Animator quits and whenever i de activate the mdd it will operate properly. My intention is to add particles to my single mesh composed by many shapes to create the sensation of slowmo explosion off course i will have to add some different layers of light and dust afterwards but the main base is there to build up from. Has anybody tried PPro/MDD. Maybe i have to link them in another way.:) Thank you guys, Batoloco
  13. Congrats on your birthday Tomas and thanks for the reminder Richard. Batoloco
  14. Beautiful work Juan, is being long time since i have seen a great render from EIAS. It looks so real. WOW Batoloco
  15. Hi Tomas and all, Where can i purchased OBJ2FACT for my objects sequences to be rendered? Congrats on the plug in. Thanks, Batoloco
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