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  1. I did a quick test just now, here are the result with no specular, just playing around with HDR reflection maps and edge control. GI render here are another test with specular with added shader in camera projection map, I add thin film shader and gradient shader, doesn't looks that real, but it looks quite interesting. Edit: Something wrong with the image link just now, updated with the new one
  2. Hi Al, please try this https://code.google.com/p/sagethumbs/ hope this is what you are looking for Loon
  3. Hi Reuben, I'm still using windows PC, i just did a test on the colorphium in EI8, it seems everything is works for me, here are the download link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6687586/EIAS/ForumShare/ColorPhiumTest.zip
  4. Hi Reuben, I don't have EI9 yet, but there is a plugin call colorphium, which works nicely in EI8, I hope it works on EI9 as well
  5. Hi, I test using 4 different models, define strength map of each folding section, and attached to particular animated bones, using visibility on and off, to hide and show the models. here are the result... download project file https://mega.co.nz/#!489TVbqD!vOyep8JNukXozsX5sE2o_9jsWvNlMCulbYUp5nSXHMM
  6. I think Nige means CreateUV http://www.eias3d.com/forums/topic/505-create-uv-plug-in/
  7. Hi Michael, you can scale with pre-select range of frames with control drag (I'm using PC) on the timeline, than control drag the last keyframe to scale the whole selected keyframes. check this video https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6687586/EIAS/ForumShare/ScaleKeyframe.mp4 I'm still using EI8, and there is some glitch when scaling keyframes, please check the video, maybe this is already fix in EI9. Loon
  8. Hi, you can use the first button in project window to reorder the groups, if you have more than hundred groups, you need to rename 1 to 001, 10 to 010 and so on...
  9. and here are 3D Coat for $278 after discount http://3d-coat.com/buy-now/
  10. Hi Steven, have you try a plug-in name CreateUV? http://www.eias3d.com/forums/topic/505-create-uv-plug-in/ http://www.eias3d.com/forums/topic/469-shader-question/
  11. Hi Steven hope this is what you are looking for... create a material to a basic object first, for instance a plane, adjust the material until satisfaction ,than use "Create new master" to create a new master material, apply the master material to other object! to modify the master material, select the object, open the object's info panel, uncheck "Life material" than open the object's material panel, click the "Reload from master" button, now you can modify the material without affecting the master material, after some adjustment to the material, you can either save a new master ma
  12. Shadow object only? another method is to use APass shader with all lights turn off. that will just render the AO pass
  13. Hi Christian under preferences, Grid and Scale tab, there is a Perspective Clip at the bottom right corner, maybe that is what you are looking for....
  14. Hi Doug, The EIAS Normal shader are apply on EI camera Projection map, it will generate Normal map base on camera view, this kind of normal map use mostly in post effect, here are the example.... Diffuse GI render Camera Projection Map with Normal Shader (Turn Off all Light and GI) with these two images render in EI, lots of post effect can be generate with after effect and Normality Plug in The process is very fast, with this technique we can change modify specular setting change reflection map, refraction, light (AE Light) color, Light position, cell shade effect and m
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