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  1. Renderama doesn't get any jobs I send from the main app in Mojave. Is there something we can do to make it work? Thanks in advance.
  2. Actually Jonathan Banta is the creator of the AG shaders. I doubt he can help here. I'm talking about a collection of presets for the shaders that were for sale for like 50 bucks a long, long time ago. I need to create textures for puffy clouds, sand and rocks, and it would be a good place to start since I have hardly used the shaders since I bought them and now find them kind of hard to use.
  3. Right. i see now. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Tom, I had no idea we had that... camera lens presets? where are they, or can you give me an example? Thanks.
  5. Hi, does anyone remember these AG presets package that were for sale at some site a long time ago? Star Shine gallery I believe the name was. Does anyone have contact info or know if they're still available? Anyone who bought them care to share what they were like? Thanks very much in advance.
  6. can't get enough of these old ads... I was wondering... what do they mean by 'actual lens types'? where is that exactly in the program?
  7. does this mean EIAS 9.1 works fine on Yosemite?
  8. Thanks again Tomas. It's clearer now. I'll get back to you if I have any more questions.
  9. yes please, what are the problems using photons you are referring to? This is a major improvement. But I have no idea what settings you changed. Where is the irradiance cache? Adding shadows to the reflections gets rid of the glow/washout effect I was talking about.
  10. the stills look a lot better. Thanks again for your effort. I'll have to look at the file closely to see what you changed around and will post here. Very helpful.
  11. "Brute Force" is an expression the Igors used in another thread to describe how EIAS8 does raytracing. Kind of like "slow but beautiful". I guess they meant. I'll look through the changes you made to the demo file, Tomas, and reply back. I want to use EIAS9 to render my old work files, setups, environments etc, without recreating them all over again, that's all I want. And trying to reproduce EIAS9 images in EIAS8?? that's a problem I don't have. ;) Thanks.
  12. I made a post about this issue somewhere but I am bringing this up again since it is a big issue for me and it has made me go back to EIAS8 for old projects or anything that requires raytracing. Although it is a lot faster, the new raytracing/photons methods used in EIAS9 produce worse looking images: kind of like washed out, like something out of cinema4d. This has been pointed out before, the raytracing engine has changed, some people may like it more because it's so fast, or because it suits their render workflows better but to me, images look very different and arguably worse. If you ren
  13. Thanks Tom. Changing #Photons seems to help, but it's still not the same look unfortunately. I think I might find a way to get a very, very close approximation to the EIAS8 photons look by playing around with the HDRI, falloff and diffuse filter options in the reflectivity tab --> raytrace options. These are new to EIAS9 and that's what made me think tweaking them might help. I'll post here when I find a setting I like or that I can work with. Does anyone else have this problem? Are people just going to regenerate their photons scenes from scratch?
  14. Don't know where else to put this- I really like EIAS9 so far and how fast it is. On the topic that there is a possibility that the new version renders some things a little differently... I have done some light testing and it looks like an EIAS8 GI scene rendered in EIAS9 looks pretty much the same. that's good. Scenes that use photons, however, look a little different: It's not much, but definitely noticeable. I've attached a project file originally created in V8 to illustrate the difference, with two renders: one on V8 and one on V9. I wonder what settings to tweak in EIAS9 to
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