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  1. thanks Richard and tom, Happy Holidays to you Guy
  2. sorry, it will have to wait until the beginning of 2015 for the tutorial.Too much work. mean while... happy holidays http://www.architruc.com/partage/FINALE_960.mov Rendered in ELECTRICIMAGE, Animated in AFTEREFFECTS (randomized rotations transfered in EIAS) and MARVELOUSDESIGN post rendered in AFTEREFFECTS modelled with PHOTOSCAN and ZBRUSH.
  3. Marvelous DESIGN process tutorial coming soon, sorry i am in a BIG RUSH. I will post a PHOTOSCAN tutorial too It is a very helpful app. Guy
  4. No, not for me, i did not find any way to export automatically all the MDD in one shot so passing throughout all the parts and exporting the respective MDD can be very tedius also because they may be a lot of back and fourth tests before finding the right move in electric image environnement Guy
  5. No, you can see in the tutorial what append when more than one object is joined to the MDD. the plugin stops to work for all added parts overlapping vertices problem !
  6. Hi TOM look at this, tell me if it is ok http://www.architruc.com/partage/TUTORIAL_edited+son3.mov thanks, Guy
  7. Hi M. No. it has to be the exact same obj and MDD in fact MDD are a kind of obj with no vertices and no faces (only points) so it is lighter than an obj sequence. the "K" sample was only to make first test to quickly see if model and mdd are well oriented and scaled. I have done a tutorial clip, only sound is left to ADD. TOM, i use Marvelous 3. The fourth version was out last week no budget right mow but i am looking to buying soon as it uses quads now. Guy
  8. FIGURE and FIGURE ANIMATION: all DAZ CLOTHING and CLOTHING SIMULATION: all MARVELOUS (the animation of the shirt could have been a lot more accurate kit is a low poly simulation) i use ANIMATES ANIBLOCKS in DAZ these are littles blocks of animation that you can join. (kind of motion builder) the moves are very fluids and feets do not slide. sadly they dont seem to add moves anymore. i saw MIXAMO, sample looks very good but animated thumbnail look caricatural for architecture i look for very subtle moves. no "gorilla" guy walk and "ridiculous sexy" girl walk corbis bvh database is very useful but so much work to make it perfect. the best part about MDD is that ALLl animation pass through de process. faces expression, fingers, and joint morph. the fbx process don't seam to be as accurate. Guy
  9. NEW TEST i do not use the MDD feature which load all correspondent MDD file to each .obj model (*) because it makes to much MDD files. hence a lot of files to manipulate. ​i forgot to mention that the MDD file is the same for all body parts so only one MDD to coordinate. http://www.architruc.com/partage/TEST_KICK03.mov I will try to make a video tutorial but i am not very good in english so it take me a lot of time editing all this. test linked: http://www.architruc.com/partage/test2014FBX.zip
  10. Three things: SIZE / ORIENTATION / DAZ-POSER grouping First: SIZE obj must be exactly the same size as the MDD in EIAS world unit. To evaluate both check/uncheck visibility of plugin to see both alternatively . I ALWAYS use the same scale for ALL my project. this way textures and intuitiveness is consistant in all project. a magical number: 39.37 (i use 40) this is the scale from DAZ to EIAS to stay in inches (one metre equals 39.37 inches) ORIENTATION: obj must have the same orientation. For testing, i use a simple object. Do not use a cube you can't know if it has rotated or flipped . The letter "k" with bevel on front is ideal ( simple, easy to read and non topologically symmetrical in any orientation ) And DAZ-POSER: The BIG challenge is that the figure in DAZ are separated in body parts (Each one beeing independent) Each body part are surrounded by vertices at the contour. These overlapping vertices (in the entire figure) are not usables by the pluging and causes the problem. I have found that one part only can be joined to the plugin. So why not duplicate that for all the figure? See image http://www.architruc.com/partage/organisation.png It look tedious but once the figure is rigged and textured you will not need to do it again for this figure. Only change the MDD file in the socket/MDD folder and voila. NOTE: i will not go through the hole process of MDD a little tutorial already exist on EIAS web site second NOTE: it took me almost a month on a off finding this so be patient. I have tried all possibilities with FBX... no luck... even with the auto cad converter. I will post a better test soon Guy
  11. it is possible, here is an old test electric image, daz and marvellous design http://www.architruc.com/partage/TEST_MARVEL12.mov i will write a small tutorial tomorrow using MDD
  12. merci pour les compliments ! Usually for larges grass fields, i put grass objects only on specifics places: foregrounds, bases of trees, sides of the buildings, fondations walls. I try to reduce the grass objects count as low as possible. of course there is a lot of photoshop too do but for standard architectural renders, this way is the faster and the cheaper. For very nices renderings, i hope the new plugin 64 bit will do the trick.... tests to come....
  13. Fore the image posted on the 06 of december: -scale 1920 x 1080 -render time: 6 minutes 25 seconds -total triangles: 4 400 000 -grass 2 870 000 -rocks 1 000 000 terrain encage plugin with displacement 524 000 still testing....
  14. First tests with placer-deposit and eias 9.1 " Sorry, to much enthusiast, i will post details: times renders, polygons counts.... on monday " Guy
  15. Hi Michael, I mostly use FormZ for the standard architecture (straight walls...). I have a background in architecture so it was on of my first tool at the time. When there is something organic or curvy i use Zbrush but the models are very heavy, i use it only to give the image a less synthetic look. curtains, sheets, grounds, grass even stone walls.... Guy
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