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  1. Hi all, Can someone find out how to get in touch with David Argemi? We really need a good Hair solution for EIAS.
  2. Absolutely beautiful work!!
  3. Hey, I've wondered about that too... any answers would be appreciated
  4. Thanx so much. Character animation is my passion. EIAS is an excellent program and I think it's underrated. I know that the animation in this film could have been a bit more polished but my 'budget' (none) didn't allow for the extra tweaking it really needs.
  5. Thanx Richard, You could always be counted on for an encouraging word Shaya
  6. I would like to share with you an animated short I created using nothing but EIAS. It's about 2 old jewish men discussing the will of their recently deceased brother. The Will
  7. V 7.1 Don't have version 8 yet because I haven't gotten a clear answer as to whether Xpressionist will work in V8 on a PC or not. I can't afford to lose that functionality
  8. so cute! what modeling ap did you use?
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