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  1. No. Just animated clip maps (Camera map from above). It killed my rendertimes...
  2. No. Flash was done by the agency. I only did the 3D. And I did not use Wired-HiCon, Alex ;) Jens
  3. Hi all, here is my latest work. Its about a hybrid prototype car of BMW. Not the intriduction movie, but the piece about the tech. Chose "Technology" at the bottom thumbnail on the page. I have not found a direct link. Its quite hidden. http://www.bmw.com/com/de/insights/technology/efficientdynamics/phase_1/bmwvision_p2_introduction.html It was completely rendered with the 64bit version of Camera 9 - with post work done in AE. About 14mio. polygons database in total. Jens
  4. of course you need to rotate your global maps and reflection maps acordingly, if you use any.
  5. ...or, you link the whole setup to an effector and rotate it until you have the right perspective in the world view windows, an than render from there for true isometric. Jens
  6. Its just a matter of reflection. Just apply a reflection map, black with some white squares. Make the inner reflective and use the map maybe together with fresnel effect. Jens
  7. yes, seems to be a great opportunity. If anybody knows how to bake PLA in C4DR11, let me know. Jens
  8. Congratulations to you new site. Also the resurrection of the old butterfly is very nice! Just go on like this. Jens
  9. Hi Mickael, the models are DAZ3Ds Michael V4. posed in Poser. The characters are not animated, only to illustrate the size of the thing. The lights for the inside use the new GI soft shadows. I was surprised how fast they render and how good they look. Jens
  10. No. The model was made in Rhino. Jens
  11. From a explanatory animation about a diving bell fro smithsonian institute. Jens
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