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  1. Really like the chrome and vanity material. Could you share how you achieve both of them?
  2. Hi All, I've tried installing EI v9.1 onto my new i7 but no joy. I have installed the frameworks from Toms 'Dongle.zip' file but I still can't get a successful installation for the Dongle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael
  3. Thanks Tim. The other thing I didn't mention was that Rhino worked seamlessly with EI when it came to UV's. This proved to be so important to texturing the curtains and tent, which I had been struggling with, using EI's Simcloth. Rendering times for the external shots are super quick, only needing 1.5 minutes to render. The internal shots are a different story, taking up to 8 minutes due to the reflections and lighting. Michael
  4. Hi Everyone, This is my latest work-in-progress personal project. It is the tabernacle in the wilderness as described in the book of Exodus in the hebrew bible. A view of the Most Holy place is missing because I need to model a cherubim and Rhino (Mac WIP) doesn't do organic modelling. You need t-splines (plug-in) in Rhino to do that so I started learning Blender to sculpt the cherubim on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant. I can't see myself finishing it any time soon as the learning curve for Blender looks quite steep! Rhino has proven quick for me to become productive with but i
  5. Hi Everyone, I finally got round to amending the driveway material and its colour. Michael
  6. Hi Thomo, Sorry to sound obvious but an exported .fact model has its textures!? Or do exporting in any other format except .fact? Michael
  7. http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/
  8. Hi Everyone, You're too kind with your comments. The reality is that EI is doing the work and I'm just steering it. The models are from Design Connected and Turbo Squid, and a note to everyone, avoid symbols in any of your folders or object names (/!@#$%^&*() etc). I modelled the: roman blind in Rhino Mac WIP. I modelled the: kitchen cabinets, building (cornice, skirting, ceilings, floors, down lights, sliding doors, stairwell, living room cabinet etc) in ArchiCAD v17. I have realised over the years the two greatest channels to focus on when doing internal work are spec
  9. "...overexpose the view outside the window a bit" Hey that's a great tip, thanks Thomo!
  10. Hi Everyone, Another recent project. Michael
  11. Thanks Diego & Tim. I would really like to sink my teeth into animation Diego but I struggle to get reasonable rendering times and at the same time to maintain high quality lighting and texturing. Animation quality becomes so vastly reduced in quality from the still shots that I loose heart. I fantasise about producing punchy animation but it all becomes too much and life interrupts (you know, money, needs, food, family, mortgage etc)! Yes Tim, it's becoming a little predictable. Don't get me wrong, it pays the bills and my customers are constantly coming back but I really want to
  12. Hi Everyone, Just completed another lot of internal renderings. Hope you like them. Michael
  13. Hi Thomo, Yes I feel like a bit of a dill (idiot)! Tomas helped me find it! Thanks Tomas! Michael
  14. Hi ALL, It appears as though I have violated a cardinal rule of the OS by using a symbol in my folders name. Where the models failed to import, I had inserted a '/' symbol. Once removed the model/s imports without failure. I have been aware of this in the past but like all OS bugs you don't know when or if it has or hasn't been fixed because its resolution is often buried in marketing. It appears as though it is still a problem and I will be checking all my folders where models and projects are kept to weed it out. Thanks everyone for their help. Michael
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