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  1. My reasoning for using this in place of a displacement is: 1) I can export the resulting mesh and use it as a model, it renders without all the calculations this way. 2) I can see it without rendering it. (unless there's a setting to show displacements in EI, although that would still be less responsive than a model that's generated once). I realize part of the real power of this plugin is the animation capability. But the ability to use a map to generate models (from terrain to intricate logos based on a gradient map) quickly is the main reason I miss image2mesh, I applaud this effo
  2. Thanks for the response Richard, I've now gotten pretty good results by using a blur of 10, Adaptive Threshold of 0, and iterations at 2. The blur really helped and I had previously overlooked it.
  3. Hi, I'm using UB3 (Mac) and I can't seem to get a smooth mesh, maybe I'm doing something wrong? EXR Test.zip
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