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Found 1 result

  1. Although i am still waiting for some money before i get EIAS 10. i updated lightwave and got modo 601 back in the holiday sale. i do keep a watchful eye on EIAS V9 and still plan to update as soon as i free up the founds. now V9 got one of my wish's that was Bullet, and although soft bodies has yet to be added at lest that was a start. so here is my list for V10 there is no order to this. EIAS wish list 1) Scroll wheel support 2) Bullet soft bodies 3) A decent fracture tool like lightwaves 4) 64 bit animator sure you guys are on it. 5) improve the material editor. (i like nodes) 6) a decent particle tool set 7) build encage and proxy into the main EIAS app 8) an updated UI even 3d world review says its showing its age. 9) VPR or dynamic preview render would really help. 10) better material preview 11) Linux support (i know its not going to happen) 12) better IK rigging systems and tools for building armatures (messiah has fantastic tools for this) 13) Dongle Free EIAS. Website wish list 1) regular news updates or a blog its nice to know if you guys are still alive 2) more artist interviews talking about how and why they use EIAS. 3) Update the website with decent video tutorials even selling them if the quality is there. 4) Do an Eshop like daz for selling content (models, textures, HDRs, etc) to help generate income
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