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Found 3 results

  1. kpow

    VFX Breakdown

    Hi all. Been busy for quite some time and meaning to get around to posting some new works created with EIAS. Finally have some down time so thought I'd share. Here's a little VFX shot I created a quick breakdown for. Hope you like! http://kevinpowellstudio.com/portfolio-item/wings-vfx-breakdown/ Some details about the shot: • Shot the plate in RAW on my BMPCC • 3D Tracked in PFTrack - Camera data exported to EIAS • Modeling in Silo • Rigged and Animated in EIAS - Wing/Feather rig using Null Controllers and Xpressionist • Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering in EIAS • Compositing in AE
  2. I am importing models from FormZ version 7.0 into EI version 9.1 on a Mac running Maverick. When the models go in they look hollow in the camera window of EI and upon rendering I am getting a lot of bad surfaces. Anyone else having same problem and if so is there anything I am missing? See attached file. Project 7.13.47 PM.pdf
  3. We have an unusual problem. We normally work at 30 or 29.97 fps, but we have to master a large project for PAL distribution. We are getting duplicate frames every 24 frames. We are comping everything in After Effect, obviously set-up for 25 fps, in HDV 1920 x 1080. Some layers rendered at 26.087 fps, which is odd. The only set-up I know in EI is PAL:25. I don't know what would have caused such an odd frame rate. Asking AE to use 25 fps instead of the file native fps does't help. We will see if we can find all culprits and try to re-render them. Any suggestion on what may cause this to happen will help avoiding the problem in the future. This is, of course, assuming we will get it fixed. Thanks, Christian
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