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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a sample of an animation that only started out as a test but snowballed into a final render. I'm helping with beta as I have with EIAS for decades. ;-) They gave me a model from Mixamo that had facial morphs. I was only testing the face so I used an audio snippet. I set up the voice recognition in MotionBuilder. Then I animated the expressions and eyes. I also added the body motion from Mixamo but edited the fingers and gesture to match the dialog. I used Maya for the hair and cloth dynamics. Tomas and I did some extra researching on caching and I picked up a few new tricks with FBX. Everything was sent to David who is a phenomenal render wrangler. He added lights and adjusted textures. He even did the camera move. I really like the images he saw. It amazed me that this started out as only a test. Thanks. Artistically Yours, Alonzo Von Threet Kami in Kitchen Render or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMK7OWYg9Ck
  2. Hi eiasers, 'got a little question for you . . . I'm trying to do some hard body collision animation and I don't get something . . . If I have three items, the first one, that we will call 'the collider' is animated in the timeline to crash into the other 2 so that they fly off to pixel heaven, but how do I use rodeo to include the collider in the simulation, i.e. when it hits the other 2 I want it to behave in the way that it should within the dynamics engine . . . Is there a way to do this or do I have to kind of make an invisible clone of it and then kind of swap them out or something? Help appreciated! Mat.
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