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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Once upon a time in the distant past I used to be able to export reasonable FACT files from FormZ which could be imported into EIAS with hierarchy intact and geometry that was sound. No longer I'm afraid. Exports from FormZ 7.3.4 to FACT now produce insane nonsense geometry that cannot be used. So the best I can now achieve is to export to .OBJ. The geometry is robust, but all hierarchy structure is lost. Can anybody please suggest a reasonable route to get model data from FormZ into Animator ? Thank you in advance. Rod
  2. Just found out that if you use FormZ 7 it will not work with Yosemite. However, according to the FZ forum v.8 does work with it. However, if you do use v.8 or are thinking of upgrading from an earlier FZ version to FZ8 you will need to get their FACT export fix plug-in - I don't know if they've included it in the latest version. Basically if you export a FACT in FZ8 - when importing into EIAS the model came in sans any texture/color - whatsoever. Then when you opened the items material and attempted to access it - you were stuck in limbo and had to force quit out of the program. To circumv
  3. When I export from FormZ via the fact file, each material has a mask setting in the diffuse tab. Also, the color is correct in the camera window but not in the diffuse settings. Haven't found a way to globally change the mask settings. Anyone else noticed this? The texture mapping is working much better since 9.1. I will show this to FormZ as well. This is using FormZ 7.3 on a Mac using 10.9 This same thing happens with EI 7 and 8. That is as far back as I could go. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5048027/colors.png
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