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Found 1 result

  1. I just bought a MacPro ( 6 core, 3.5GHz, Intel Xeon E5 with 32GB of ram ) and am in the process of testing it to see how much better it can be ( should be ). This has been a torture of a process since you can get a loaded iMac 5K with a quad i7 for less money, and according to a lot of reviews, it performs better than the MacPro. Now, I know we are not comparing apples and apples (no pun intended). I like to skip one or two generations, opting to buy the best I can when I do purchase and make it last as long as possible. The MacPro is a workstation, build for the future; I am getting to the point now... I can't do side by side tests but I ran a few renders through the new computer and my MacBookPro ( 2.3GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB ram ). I wanted to see a two to there fold acceleration ( considering the steep price difference ). The same short EI script rendered in 1:35 on the MacPro and 2:45 on the MacBookPro, faster but not so much. I can see all the cores maxing out on both machines, you can tell that Camera is multi-threaded and using all the resources. If I am right, the new mac doesn't support Open GL and is not built with Nvidia technology ( but that should not affect rendering, right? ). I also tested After Effects, but this is pathetic for the time being, quite depressing actually. We will have to wait for Adobe to re-write and take advantage of the new architecture, easier said than done. But, I digress... I always loved EI and Camera for its fast rendering, it saved my bacon a few times. I am currently rendering 9K animations and it does not even blink. But, since were are always trying to improve, I was wondering if someone at EI has looked at the MacPro specs ( the new ones ). Are there any plans to take advantage of these new computers, Macs are a small market, and it would be a lower priority, and it may be hard to implement. I am no programmer, but I do appreciate the effort and dedication involved in making all of this work well. We all want the best ( so do our clients ), Christian
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