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Found 1 result

  1. I have just upgraded from a G4 to a Mac Pro with Mountain Lion and from FormZ 4 to 7. Although I had purchased the EIAS 6.5 upgrade some years back I have still been using 5.5 till recently when I upgraded to 9 in the hope of retiring all the old kit. But now it's looking as if I can't do that unless someone can help me out please. Today for the first time with the new system I needed to export a model from FormZ for use in EIAS. I have been used to running all .FAC files exported from FormZ through Transporter to achieve a .FACT with geometry that EIAS can actually do something with. But on investigation and reading the forum I discovered that Transporter is no longer part of the package and that the direct EIAS object import can now apparently do what is needed. But when I imported the FormZ .FAC file using "add FACT files" all I got was an extents box. All the names in the hierarchy but no geometry. So then I tried "import FACT models". From a 1.4 Mb original file this produced a 39 Kb file, with once again several listed object groups bearing no relation to the original group and object structure. And once again, no geometry - not even a bounding box. So I had to start up my old G4, stick it back on the network, copy the FormZ .FAC over to it, run it through Transporter 5.5.3 to produce a 1.2 Mb .FACT, copy that back to the Mac Pro, and import it into EIAS 9 using "add FACT files". Quite a performance - but I did now have the geometry exactly as I expected to find it - and was able to use it for rendering. My question now is - can I get hold of a version of Transporter or something similar that will run in Mountain Lion, or do I have to keep my old G4 running just to do this ? OR ... ... can I get the EIAS 9 model import to work properly ? I can't figure out what I can do differently with the "import" option to actually produce a hierarchy and geometry that I expect to see. I do hope someone can help out here because I don't really want to have to keep the old G4 hangin' in here for ever just to do this job !
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