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Found 2 results

  1. Good News. I had a very pleasant surprise on my birthday June 15th. An EIAS3D user that purchased my ReadyRigs DVD a year or so ago sent $75 to my paypal (athreet@adelphia.net) for an early bird pre-order purchase! So it's a GO! I will be accepting more pre-orders at the same price for $75 for the new ReadyRigs Facial Animation. As a bonus I will "release" sections during production and final pricing. ($85 to 125). So if you want to get it early again my Paypal is athreet@adelphia.net. Also, I plan to do at least two more DVD's. At least on MotionBuilder DVD and one special interest DVD on Natural Motion Endorphin. Here's a compilation of some of my lastest Works and Wips. AVT Dynamic Character Animation Show Reel Here's what I have been requested but I can still add other elements with pre-orders. I will be talking about hair and things I have in my other animations. ____________________________________________________________________________ Modeling: • How to make correct facial topology and edge loops on the face. Without good edge loops the face won't deform well. • How to set up morphs for only the head on a single mesh character. Makes it easier not to do each facial morphs on the whole body. Rigging: *Morphs for eyebrows and eyelashes. • How to model expression. Happy, Sad etc. * How to model phenomes so the character can speak. • Discusion on automatic facial rigs. Mocap, Tracking, GUI. Live Audio. Animation •Setting the EIAS •MorphsWindow and F-Curve. •Keyframing Morphs Would you have the time to look into making a DVD for this? If you do have time, can you please give me a price and I could pay you up front for the tutorials. Hope to hear from you soon
  2. Hey EIAS User! I'm hoping to get your input on a possibly MotionBuilder to EIAS ReadyRig tutorial DVD set. I'm thinking there would be two DVDs a beginner into Mocap Data to EIAS and a more advance MotionBuilder animation blending tutorial. What do you think? It would be the same cost of my ReadyRigs Deformer and SkinMan DVD $85 each. The thing is I use MotionBuilder 7.5 on mac and sometimes Mobu 2011 before it went to the dark grey interface. However, it's the same basic features. I want to teach it because I realize MotionBuilder is difficult to understand and even after I am not using it for a while it's still difficult to remember. So as with all my ReadyRigs DVD, I will show all the hidden secrets to make it work predictably. Also I will show different ways to edit the Mocap Data in EIAS. My demonstrating will focus around making the workflow intuitive, simple and quick from different character in one step to editing simple Mocap keys in EIAS for render. Even if you only need to set up a walkcycle for architecture this would be good for you. As always, I accept preorder very Paypal: athreet@adelphia.net. I'll get started if I have a few interested pre-orders. Thanks, Alonzo Von Threet Advanced Visualization Technology Productions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQNpgM7Lb3I https://youtu.be/alDmMUoF0J0
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