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Blurring global relections.

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Is there a way to change the filtering of the global reflection on a per-object basis?

It would be awesome to be able to, so that I can just change the global reflection while faking blurred reflections to various degrees, only increasing the sampling level on objects where it's needed.

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Do you mean, without blur in Photoshop manually?

Yes, I would like to use the blur in Electric Image.

This yields more control and flexibility (if slower rendering times... but I love the flexibility :D)

And what I have been doing to fake blurred reflections, is to add the same reflection map to each reflective object and then blur each one, as each object requires varying levels of blur.

Problem is, if I decide to use a different reflection map, I have to change it in every object I added it to, which can get a bit laborious.

So it would be nice if each reflective object referenced the global map, but could set its own blur, strength, samples etc. on that referenced map.

Do you get what I mean?

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Yes' date=' I understand, but what happens if you change the Blur setting in the texture window?[/quote']

I don't see the reflection in the texture window if it's a global reflection, right?

And if I change the blur in the world tab, it changes it for all objects the same.

Or am I missing something?

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Ola BJ,

If you blur the world reflection, it will blur equally every group in the scene.

But you can use a reflection per group too, in the Material group info window:


You enable use bit map reflection (see list bellow), then double click in the texture, which can be a .hdr too and there you will have the Blur box too.

Please, test it.



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You mean add the reflection map to each object individually?

But what if you want to change the reflection on all of the objects at once, but keep the blur amount different?

You have to change each one manually, right?

I frequently test different reflection maps to see which one looks best, and it can be quite tiresome changing each object's reflection each time.

Something like the attatched would be cool...


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