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2GB wall

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I am in the middle of production for a science based doc., minutes of animation. This is why it had to be an EI project, mainly because of Camera and Renderama.

I am getting a lot of Renderama errors, specially while stitching the files. It almost happens every time it gets to the bottom of a list of renders. It crashes at 96 - 98% completion. I don't have time to trouble shoot, I just have to babysit the renders.

I just ran into an old issue, the dreaded 2GB file size limit.... forgot about that one. Got it stitched by splitting the frames into 2 folders but this could be avoided if there was a way to render sequential frames with Renderama. I know it can be done by rendering locally but that defeats the purpose.

Are these issues on the radar while preparing v9? I know there are many issues and requests, but that would make life easier for most of us. I also understand Macs have their own challenges when it comes to file management....



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