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Hello Ian,

regarding the EIAS infrastructure, can you release any information, perhaps a road map, of anticipated growth and improvements?

I already know the Igors have said 'no' to the idea of an integrated modeler. At this point I don't know if I'm willing to continue forward with EIAS and am in need of some reassurances.


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Hi All

this sounds like it could be a benefit to future EIAS versions...

It looks really interested. But let's activate a common sense: why, say, V-Ray, Turtle and others RT render leaders do not promise real-time RT tomorrow? :rolleyes: Apparently because this technique has some limitations as Ian wrote. It's absolute normal and it does not mean the technique is bad. So what are those limitations? How are they suitable for us? It would be helpful to know. "Just real-time" says nothing yet, it's only a beautiful dream.
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