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encage shows cannot verify dongle

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Hi Tomas, Igors

I bought Encage a while ago. Initially had a problem in 7 with encage and copy protection. The Igors kindly gave me the new rsc file which sorted this out.

Have now switched to PC and have the same problem.

Would it be possible to have the rsc file to make encage function with 7 PC.

Thanks, Rob.

PS have already asked on the old email link - no reply, but may be out of date.

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Hey Rob,

Are you using the Encage PC version which I sent you, in the PC? sounds silly, but sometimes, we forget and we can copy the Mac plug-in in the PC folder.

If you are using the PC version, please, send me a email with your Dongle, tom@eias3d.com

Thanks a lot


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