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Ocean toolkit

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Michael B.,

Project files -- NICE!! Those help out more than anything when it comes to understanding what's going on... although they're often pretty hard to come by (considering how much work and effort has to go into developing new project effects and solutions I can't blame people for not wanting to distribute them).

Any chance you could load up the ocean.mdd file as well? I don't think the EIAS "collect" feature will pull .mdd files -- so there is a render error when I try to render your project.

Thanks again for sharing.

David L Good

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Ian, many thanks.

Phungus, thanks for the project. It is a really nice piece of ocean. I tried copying it with Runwave Deforms but without great success. I didn't get those nice waves.


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Excellent work, Michael. I downloaded your file to pick it apart and now I would like to replace the Noise Factory (you used in conjunction with a gradient) with a texture map. How would I go about to do that? (Just to be clear, I want the texture map to only appear at the peaks.)

And yeah, the results from the Hot Toolkit are nice. Now, if we only could get it in EIAS ;).....

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