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Another realflow test

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Here is another realflow test rendered with EIAS (an animated). This is an incredible program. And being able to bring the simulations into EIAS is wonderful.

Tom, is there any posibility to develop an "official"" realflow plugin in colaboration with next limit, so we can have in EIAS all the features that other 3D packages have?. Like being able to export UV maps to realflow so we can create wetmaps, and be able to import back ".sd" files, so we can bring back rigid bogies simulation?

Now that Rodeo is out of EIAS, I think this is a really good solution to have dynamics back into EIAS.


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Yes, I know about rodeo. I like it alot, and it's really fast!!!

But if you want to animate something that is moved by liquid, you need to import de".sd" files from realflow.

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaseeee, work and get that plugin going, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee!!!!!!!. It would be sooooo cool!!!!

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