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Mark Johnston

3D ART explosion ?

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Hi does anyone know is there a product like this? You know these products like art explosion 300,000 vector files so many Jpg's ect ect. Is there a 3d art explosion you know something like 300.000 basic obj models with uvs and uv templates . It seems like at this point in the whole 3d world someone would put something like that together. The limitations of the uber shape plugin could be augmented by a general shape catalog in fac format that would have all kinds of basic shapes that could be combined to make the objects you desire. Not everyone wants to become a modeler an I think this type of approach could help a lot more people be come users of 3D products.

Just a wild thought. Mark

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Have you tried TurboSquid...their claim is for 250,000 3D objects in various formats....quality seems pretty good...guess it's all relative to what you need. Also, try Templates.com. Not necessarily cheap, but seem to willing to work with you for model versions in some cases.

For 3D models of the human body, try Zygote and their 3dscience.com website. Pricey, but kinda gruesome in detail. :)

oops, edited in the links:




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