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Renderama stops sending files

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Hi folks,

as the title says, i have a new Rama headache:

Rama is full of jobs and stops sending control files to the slaves.

Not to every slave unfortunately, and there is no pattern of how this

happens and to which slaves. Sometimes it stops sending to only

one slave and to only a handful of cameras at this adress (f.e.: Octomac

with 8 Cameras and two to six Cameras/Slaves are "released by master")

after the next start of Rama it stops only one slave at this adress and

seven are rendering till the end.

Sometimes, when there are many jobs in the queue, all jobs are stopped

over time so that no job finished.

And Rama did not crash! It stops only sending files to the slaves and tells

the slaves that they are realeased from master.

I have done all the usual things, prefs, new copy of Rama, checking firewall,

and so on, nothing helped.

What i did before these errors came up, was the update on that machine

to 10.6.4 and the normal autoupdates from Apple for security reasons.

Any ideas someone?

Greetings from hot Germany (not only because of the 4:1 :blush: )


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Ola Alex,

Congrats about German.. :)

Hey, Maybe when Internet break the connection, Renderama loose the connection with slaves?

Could you do a favor? try to re-render your prj like you did, but after a machine restart.

Msg me..



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Three things i can exclude which i thought they were involved in these errors.

First: Screensaver...

When i disabled the screensaver on the Ramamachine, it looks like that Rama was working more stable,

but after lots of Rama jobs it fails with or without screensaver and stops as discribed above sending files to the slaves.

Second: heat...

My main ethernetswitch (1000er) was so hot (we have a daily temp right now of more than 35 degrees) that i could

not touch the surface of the case! In the night i opened the case and put a big fan on top so that it wont get

so hot in the working hours.

No sucess, Rama stops sending files to the slaves .

Third: internetconnection (as Tom suggest)

I disconnected my network from the internet so that it is only a home net with no connections to anywhere else,

no sucess.

The next thing i will do is: replace the system (10.6.4) with a new install and reinstall all apps on that machine.

Too bad.


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