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This time with sound...

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...and some specs:

The Race


The three cars are:

AC-COBRA 427 (model is years old and repaired/enhanced by me)

MB CLS 500 (was a christmas gift from turbosquid)

AW-COBRA (was modeled in Modeler over the years by me)

Over all, there are around 3million polys, rendering was at 876x584

because of the camera maps. The final cut was at 800x450.

The hall is a simple model with two camera maps, one left side,

one in the main hall, with alpha camera maps to clip the holes in the wall,

so you can go from one hall to the next (was fun to do that!)

CJs script 'car_mover' is for tire rotation and steering, the 'car safe' and

all the things in it, are from various jobs i did over the years. The clothing

over the cars in the car-safe are made with sim-cloth in a separate

project (each) and importet 'baked' into the main animation project.

The lightning is done with simple spots that have fog around them to have

the effect of dust.

The video edditing was done in FCP, the sound was done in Soundtrack.

This was fun to do, because the two apps are very integrated in each other

so you can make changes very easy.

The sounds of the cars are original sounds founded on YouTube, exept the

sound for the AW-COBRA. Here i used the sound from a test drive with an

TESLA Roadster (electro car).

If you have any question, ask me :)


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Hi ALEX saw your other videos of the car in the city , Great stuff Nice camera work. ALEX, could you post pictures of what your maps look like? what the simple model looks like, and picture of where cameras to project maps are placed. How did you get the lights to pop on so good is that just good light balance and shape of the spot lights. They just go from off to on normally? Thanks for any info you can share. I have not done any projection maps yet.

Thanks Mark

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