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Car recycling at VOLKSWAGEN

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Hi all

after waiting for 5 month, finally the movie is online :) and i am proud

to show it to the community.

Its about a car, that has reached the end of life and what happend then.


There are 3 parts of the film, 1.) demontage of usefull parts, 2.) shredder

of the rest and 3.) the VOLKSWAGEN SiCon process, its the refining of

useful materials for a new production process.

All in all its 4 minutes of pur EI :), everything is built with EI-Modeler,

except the VW-Golf, he is a turbosquid model.

Inside the animation there is lots of EI specialitys -> Rodeo, XP and so on.

The work was done from November2009 to April2010 and was rendered

on a MacOcto and MacQuad with 12 Slaves running Camera 8.

Here are the links to the VOLKSWAGEN site direct:



And here is the link to my own server, its a much better resolution:



Have fun


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Hey, thanks all for your positive feedback! We love to hear that!

Sometimes its hard to discuss with customer how things have to look,

example: Tomas asked me, why the car in the animation does not look

like the car at the posterframe. The answer is simple, Volkswagen dont

want the car looks "good" when it comes to end of life, the car has to be

matt, no reflections, a little dirt and so on. No one wants to recycle his

shiny new car ;-) and no one wants to see something like this.

Ok, customer is the one with the money, even when EI can render brilliant

old and new cars...

So (Igors) please finish the shader "Dirt" for Intel machines ;-)


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