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• Incorporate gradations into the material colors. EI is so good with grads. Should have always been there.

• Enhance the 3D type creation tool to include post script files. Tired of turning my illustrator files into fonts. Invigorator's pretty good but clunky. Cheetah's pretty good at bevels and such but geometry has limited complexity. Maya sucks with type. EI is a logo factory. Let's make some nice bevels.

• Multiple camera views

• Transporter icon... coolest icon ever. Even if the app isnt used much keep it for the icon.

• 16 bit color renders

• Need more "Mr." type plugs. Like "Mr. Spaceship" and "Mr. Dynamics"

• A tag of some kind on a an object in the project window to denote "shadow object only," "reflection object only" etc, ghost the layer icon etc

• Better zooming controls in the project window. but keep the option drag thing

• Ability to organize all those dialogs somehow. tabs, locking edges, lazy susan, something

• Organize the snapshots... dont want separate windows for each render

• if i lock an item it should not be movable in the scene, or at least make it unselectable in the project window as well

• Would like a way to organize multiple scenes in a single project better then attaching my junk to a null and collapsing, heh that doesnt sound right but it is.

• Put the renaming of an object on the layer instead of the weird text field toward the top of the project window.

• Animated booleans.

• Camera should check for free hard drive space before the render

• There's a snap to grid... Can we have snap to object?

• Would be nice to be able to load a scene into Unity3D. Meh. But probably not worth the work.

• Theres a library for textures and shaders. Perhaps a library for models?

• Keyboard navigation in the project window.

• I want to be able to attach Mr Nitro to the project window and set the blast time for 1996

• Option dragging keyframes is cool. Would love to be able to scale multiple keyframes over time. Copy and paste translational keyframes between objects.

• Generally I use screen shots of wireframes in orthographic views to guide my texture creation in photoshop but you could add a button for that instead.

• Shouldnt the "Constraint" menu be a sub under Animation?

• Animators main menu over all could be more efficient. 12 menu items seems a little heavy for whats going on up there.

• Swapping geometry

• It may be time to add a proper particle system. It is version 9. So particles that emit from a point, volume or object. Geometry or sprite particle replacement. Dynamics. Channel controls. Effectors. Soft/Rigid stuff. Target to target. Collision. Scripting. Yep gotta match Maya feature wise if you're going to do it at all.

• Control of Renderamas stitching. If we can't do over 2gig files let me describe what it should be then.

• People like Renderama's features. Add some thumbnails to it. Pretty it up. "Show in Finder" buttons. Machine names next to IPs. Least a Filename of the render.

• Update that old flare dialog. Add some presets. At least a panavision setting. Knoll still make a plugin for EI?

• Sorry I dont do character stuff. Was a little sad when EI started rolling that way 4 versions ago. But i guess you gotta have it in an app called Animator. But it seems like its refined and perfect now. So lets move onto something else.

• Love Xpressionist. Lets give Xpressionist even more power. Wish it could generate keyframes from its scripts. I want more commands.

• Would like to see IPR

K well thats all i got for today. Want more?

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Ola Fiber,

“Would love to be able to scale multiple keyframes over time.”

- Select your keyframes in the project window

- With Command Pressed, move your timeline over the selected keyframes, The selected area will become blue.

- Move the Timeline to first key frame in opposite you want to scale.

- Click with your mouse (pressed) in the Keyframe you will scale in time with Command pressed again.

- Move the mouse Inside the blue area (to scale down) then Outside (to scale up).

- to deselect the blue area, only move the timeline with Command press again.



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Good deal, thanks for all the corrections to my work flow.

Not sure why i need to cmd drag the timeline to enable the scaling of keyframes but it works and that's cool by me.

For Animated Booleans use the Tailor Tool

Not sure what to say about features that are covered by $100+ plugins.

I understand that you dont want to discourage 3rd party development but at the same time, shouldnt some of these features be standard with EI?

Because its one click less..

Less drilling perhaps but at the same time, Ill be messing around with animator on a laptop and i cant display all the menu items...

XP can, go to prefs, Enable “Set Keyframes

You're right, probably knew that at one point too.

Thanks again I really do appreciate all the feedback.

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For Animated Booleans use the Tailor Tool from Kon....... spelling issue. It works great and is very simple.

For moving / scaling keyframes use the offset editor tool which is under the animation menu. There is a video tutorial on the site.

well sorta... Tailor does work, most of the time. There is no preview in Animator and if you use for anything more than the simplest model it slows to a crawl.

I recently did an animation and without TT the frames rendered in about 5-10 minutes, with TT render times went up to nearly 2 hours for some frames. You could also try Davinci's Chisel. It works in a completely different way, it creates a new model in Animator based on the source geometry. So you get a preview in Animator. It doesn't work on big models and is a little crash prone. I don't think the NL plug-ins are supported anymore so I wouldn't count on it getting fixed. But, when it works it's faster than TT.


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Ola, Tomas

Yeah, in the next days i am thinking to purchase TAFA for a C.A. payed job that i pretend to do in EiAS. Is a PITA do the facial anim in a PC and migrate to the Mac, back and forth.

And i am the PITA of Mac Reiter (TAFA developer) for a MAC vers.

If TAFA (in a future) could use fact, that would be awesome.

Any better communication between the two apps only will be a benefit.

Ummh... and about a better SSS? :D just saying...


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