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Transformers Trailer

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Here's a project I did for a client who is always banging on about wanting some viral marketing.

I started down this route simply becuase I haven't been using EI for a few years and didn't want to totally forget which buttons to push to make it work (I'm getting old enough now that this was an actual possibility!)

The Datavault and all the type was built in Modeler and rendered in EI. After Effects and Premiere did the rest.

I was fairly pleased with the result, although the transformation shot was never as good as I hoped it would be. One day maybe...


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LOL thankyou Richard. It's officially impossible to do 'that' shot without making it look identical to Andrew Kramers :)

Aziz, no they where done in After Effects. Visit www.videocopilot.net and check out Andrews tutorial (and all of the other ones on his site for that matter)

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