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ElectricImage "freezes"

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It happens sometimes : while i'm setting the project I get the rainbow wheel turning - everything is freezed - I can't get to the Finder or any other apps. The mouse changes whenever i move on the project window (rainbow wheel) , the dock (arrow) or the finder (hand with finger) ...

Only one solution : restart.

Maybe it depends if I start renderama before lauching EIAS ?

As it didn't happened before, I reinstalled MacosX 10.5 last week (from scratch) - it still happens. Should i go for 10.6 ?

Any idea ?

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Ola my friend,

Is this happening in all EIAS prjs? or a particular one? EIAS never freeze the entire system.

My feeling its a OSX problem, I had once with 10.5.8, if am I not wrong..

suggestion, which I did my self, format your HD and install 10.6.X and all updates..



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