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Deep Image Compositing

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Please excuse me if I can't explain the topic well, I'm still trying to get my head around it. To quote from www.deepimg.com, a 'Deep Image' involves "...the technique of encoding more than just the RGBA value in a pixel". From what I can understand, this will be useful when we comp multiple layers. The example used in episode 95 of fxguide TV is several candles spaced apart and a logo as the main animated object. When we want to comp the logo between the candles, we render at least 3 passes. The candles behind the logo. The logo itself. And the candles in front of the logo. We don't have the freedom to move the logo at different candle depths without rendering new background and foreground passes. But with Deep Image Compositing, we can move the logo to any depth of a single render pass of the candles.

Hopefully EIAS could implement DI Comp renders at some time in the future.

For a clearer explanation on the topic, please see episode 95 of fxguide TV at:


and especially:



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Ola Aziz,

Before we think in Features like this one, we would need to implement some other core changes in Camera.

But Its always interesting to see whats happening around, thanks.



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Camera needs to be able to render to 32bit Float before it can render 'point position passes' that can be used for this technique.



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