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CreateUV is a freebie EI model plug-in to assign UV coordinates. It's NOT UV editor, the plug-in does not calculate intelligent UVs, it simply copies actual model or world coordinates to UV space.

How to use CreateUV

Link designed groups to the plug-in. Be sure "Use UV Space" is ON and "Normalize" is OFF for the plug-in group (Group Window, Shading Tab). All children group will be collected into one single plug-in output group, in Animator and Camera as well. Texture(s) should be assigned to the plug-in group, textures of children groups have no effect.

IMPORTANT: save output (and then re-import) is strongly recommended. It can be a big pain if, for example, you first set normalization ON in plug-in interface and switch it to OFF. Animator does not handle UVs can be changed dynamically, even textures' removing/reapplying cannot help.


EIAS7 & EIAS8 on both platforms (mac/pc)




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