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Hi, I have a potential still rendering that needs to show a 3D text being shattered kind of like glass.

Looks like precutting the model then using Blaster is the way to go?

Question, any knows if Blaster is UB and works reliably in EIAS v8? Also, seems like Rodeo would can also achieve something similar?

Any suggestions?



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Ola David,

All the times I needed to break glasses, I used Blaster, because my films needed to appear a explosion, Rodeo don't have a "bomb" energy, like Blaster or Mr Nitro.

To model, I did Pre-cuts on EIM, worked fine with knive tools, I used once FormZ to do a broked wall glass, worked fine.

Don't forget to create your models in a big scale, otherwise, Blaster or Rodeo will have prbs with small pieces of the glass and they will give you errors.

Hope this help



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