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What Modeler Do You Use?

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Why the heck is edecker a junior member?? He's a top producer! I have done some my best Zbrush and Maya modeling for him and David Wu!!! Some of the best producers are just SO DARN HUMBLE !!

Just ragging you Eric. :) Sorry for blowing your cover. But dag it's about time you get kudos for my exponential growth as a modeler, and rigtech these last few years. ( Pocupines, Robots, Cars, Dogs, Cats, Dolls, Dresses, Hats)

But seriously, I think the most important part of becoming abreast with any modeler is having challenging work and for that I give Eric total credit for my recent works. I couldn't have done it with out him. If you don't have project that demand the best it'll be hard to focus on one tool or another. I grow because clients ask me to do what I wouldn't normally think I can do. It's too easy to give up on something when it becomes frustrating if you don't have deadlines that you committed your reputation to. I mean, I study but until they ask me to put it into practice do I truly understand what is possible. This is why I mentioned Eric and David. We are team that work interoperable. We have technically had our backs against the wall but we have come out with solutions. One of my biggest assests as modeler is working with GREAT people. Without them, I wouldn't own Maya or Zbrush...at least not professionally.

EIAS should mark anything they suggest on workflow improvements. I have seem them make some very crucial suggestions and felt it was overlooked. Often, I am repeating a request on their behalf and some of the techniques and workflows I share is on behalf of their generous support for the EI community. They allow me to share things are often still HOT on the Press. There would be no ReadyRig's DVD without David (verizon job). These's dudes are very humble but totally global. They have been a blessing and may they be blessed.

Also, I was an authorized FormZ Trainer, I recently paid up my bill with Chris Yessios. He was also a big blessing. I will upgrade formZ again because its 64bit and a workhorse. I would consider Bonzia. I never really like EIM mechnical NURBZ tools, and have done precision product plotting with FormZ. I preferred the FZ surface modeling paradigm over boolean solids of EIM. However, I did use EIM for Organic Cage modeling for a spell until the Spatial Technology issue. Then I search for a polymodeler and Maya was became my babe. I haven't modeled anything in a few months but I am learning to ZBrush for most everything. Hard and Soft models and Maya for clean up.

My only gap is I am looking for a faster UV tool. Lastly If I had to use a free or expensive modeler. I would use Wings, Silo modeling and cages. Blender for animation and Mudbox for Sculpting and everything on cheap 64 bit PCs. Oh and one programming language.


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