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meester smeeth

Potential cross OS plugin/render problems

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Hello there

I'm hopefully soon to set up a pc render farm while working from an apple machine, but I've noticed that there is no colorphium and noise factory download for windows. Is this because it is not available? If so, scenes including these plugins would not render and could be a real problem.

There is the possibility of installing the hackintosh OSX version on the machine, but I'm not sure how successful that might be.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

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Yup, cross platform has always been an issue with EIAS. Pc and mac renders used to come out slightly different, maybe fixed now, not done it for a while.

I've got a V1.0 colorphium for PC. email me at dave.woolard (at) me.com and I will send it.

Can't help with noise factory.


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