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Adobe After Effects CS5 misinterprets .IMG animations' frame rates

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I've been tearing my hair out for a few days trying to solve a few repeating frames here and there in an After Effects CS5 composition containing EIAS-originated footage, rerendering things a few times until I began to suspect AE and checked a few things there.

It seems to be AE CS5's fault: it has problems interpreting footage's FPS (not just EIAS' but a few Quicktime movies, too): it labeled 25fps .IMGs as 26.087fps :-/, and making it conform to 25fps produced repeated frames. I had to convert those .IMG animations to .MOV files via AE CS3 for AE CS5 to get them right.

(Has there been any recent change in the way EIAS renders animations that could be making AE CS5 confuse things?)

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Hola Juanxer,

Same problem here, I use QuicktimePro to convert PNG sequences that come from EIAS, also you can just open an stitched sequence and just save it as Quicktime.mov.

My upgrade from CS3 cost € 1200 and works worse in many tasks:(but it is faster and better in the previews:)



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