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Hi eiasers,

'got a little question for you . . .

I'm trying to do some hard body collision animation and I don't get something . . . If I have three items, the first one, that we will call 'the collider' is animated in the timeline to crash into the other 2 so that they fly off to pixel heaven, but how do I use rodeo to include the collider in the simulation, i.e. when it hits the other 2 I want it to behave in the way that it should within the dynamics engine . . . Is there a way to do this or do I have to kind of make an invisible clone of it and then kind of swap them out or something?

Help appreciated!


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Ola Mat,

From Rodeo Manual (its included in the Docs)

“Passive and user animated objects

Passive objects are all objects that will be used for the calculation of collisions but not be animated by Rodeo. They are static. Nevertheless they will also add/subtract force to active objects based on their friction and bouncyness settings.

A special case of passive objects are user animated objects. As the name indicates they are animated by the user in Animator. Their position and rotation is taken into account when doing the physics simulation. User animated objects are not affected by other objects in the scene. This can cause severe forces. For example, a physics controlled object squeezed between user controlled objects will be likely to fly off with a great velocity suddenly.

The parameters (density, mass, friction and bouncyness) of a passive or user animated object are set the same like for active physics controlled objects. ”

Hope that helps



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