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New toy in my machine :)

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Hello all,

since 1998 i was playing with a 3d model, which i found in some "dark areas"

of the fast growing internet at these days, it was a model of an AC-COBRA - the car.

After all these years, i decided to do my best i can and modeled a new one...

This was very very hard for me, because modeling is not the thing i like very much.

Especially when it comes to free forms.... Ok, i had no pressure at all to finish

this game, so i started last summer on the body. Every now and then i did some

polys and splines. At the end of februar it was ok for me and i stopped modeling

and started to transfer to EI.

Hopefully the model is good enough for the next 10 years :-) to play with it.

In the last days i textured and painted the car and did a lot of testing.

I kept all these testrenderings and putted them into FCP, did two camera moves

wrote down some specs and here it is. Have fun!


Klick on the picture for the film:


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Hey! Thank you all for your positive feedback!!

Yes, i dont like modeling very much, but in this case

it was a lot of fun - ok, sometimes ;)

What helped me a lot was the old model of the Cobra

i was using for years. So i had a clue where to built what

and with what kind of technique.

I dont think i would do it again, i am simply too slow at modeling.

But this one was only for me and for testing and learning.

Hopefully i can make the car drive with EI in the near future

and while i am waiting for the spring/summer, i put the car

in the garden behind the house.

Just for testing and for fun, of course :shy:




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